The Kalagan Culture

KalaganThe Kalagan live on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. They are located in an area between the interior uplands and the western coast of the Davao Gulf. These Kalagan are mainly of the Tagakaolo Kalagan branch. They have converted to Islam either through intermarriage or through contact with their close neighbors, the Magindanaw. The Kalagan (Tagakaolo, Dagan, Laoc, Saka, Caragan, Calagan, Kagan, Laoc, Caragan, Calagan, Mandaya, Mansaka) belong to the Mandaya/Mansaka group, and have three subgroups: (1) Tagakaolo proper, (2) Kagan, and (3) Lao. The latter is an acculturated group in the Haguimitan mountains of the San Agustin peninsula on the east side of Davao gulf, Continue reading

S’lang Festival in Malungon

The S'lang Festival SaranganiS’lang Festival is celebrated every July in Malungon, Sarangani Province. This festival showcases the town’s abundance of upland products and the rich cultural heritage of the Blaans and Tagakalos. It’s celebration coincides with the founding anniversary of Malungon every 15th of July. The meaning of the Blaan word “S’lang” is a place of socialization and trade. Malungon is a melting pot of different tribes of Mindanao, specifically the Blaan, Tagakaolo and Kalagans. Even today, tribal culture and heritage is very much alive. In each community or barangay you will find not only the barangay officials but also the tribal chieftains. This form of government among the tribes practice until today the tribal Continue reading

T’boli Tribal Festival in Lake Sebu

T'boli Tribal FestivalLemlunay, also known as the T’Boli Tribal Festival, is an annual celebration in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato province. Celebrated every third week of September. This thanksgiving festival stems from the belief of the T’boli in a golden age which they call Lem-lunay, a sort of Camelot or paradise which they would like to rebuild for themselves. Each festival is a venue to reenergize the people and renew their vow to work for this coveted state of life. Features the convengence of the 6 major tribes of South Cotabato (T´boli, Ubo, Manobo, Kalagan, Maguindanao, Tasaday) together with representatives from the different tribes in Davao (Tirurays, Mandaya, Surigao tribes, Langilan, Bilaan, Bagog, Mansaka).

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