Jagna Corals

Jagna CoralsCorals in Jagna are so blessed in their formation since it is nurtured by the sea nutrients carried by Mindanao sea currents happened during the equalizing of two bodies of water namely China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Southern Bohol shoreline fronting Mindanao sea had its islets Balikasag, Pamilakan and Panglao are known to SCUBA divers as world class dive sites. While Jagna shoreline corals are waiting to be discovered by adventurous SCUBA divers and snorkelers who’d like to discover new dive sites. Jagna beaches are naturally set. Nature itself performs the Continue reading

Cantuyoc Cave in Jagna

Jagna BoholCantuyoc Cave is located in Jagna, Bohol Province, and has been described as the Philippines’ second deepest cave by two Slovenian spelunkers in 1995. The underground chambers of Cantuyoc Cave also reveal underground rivers.

Kinahugan Falls in Jagna

Kinahugan Waterfalls in BoholThe wonderful Kinahugan waterfalls is located in a small hilly sitio of Karap-agan, which is only a kilometer away from Cabungaan Elementary School. The trail that winds up is approximately 5 kilometers from the Poblacion. Strolling along to it on foot needs only 1 and half-hours to reach the spot. One would surely come to marvel how these beautiful waterfalls were created. The three waterfalls are trigonominal in nature. The center fall is flanked by one on the northern dice of the cliff and the other on the southern part where all sides are almost covered with moss. The cliff is about 50 feet high. The biggest and the swiftest of the three waterfalls settle down into the great basin of about 15 feet deep and no less than 60 feet in diameter. Continue reading

The Luinab Rice Terraces in Jagna

The Luinab Rice Terraces BoholLuinab Rice Terraces are located in Jagna, Bohol province. Occupying a total land area of fifty hectares, the rice terraces are carved out from two mountains and is very picturesque especially a few months after the planting season when more shoots have grown forming a verdant carpet that descend from the mountain tops. When the grains have ripened and the fields turned into a golden brown carpet, the effect is different yet still very beautiful to look at.

Can-uba Beach in Jagna

Can-uba Beach BoholOne of the many splendored places in the town which has undoubtedly drawn a high degree of attraction to hundreds if not, thousands of “nature lovers” and curious sightseers is the sprawling Can-uba Beach in barangay Can-uba, Bohol. Can-uba Beach is about 400 meters long, proudly extends with a negligible curve from the boundary of Jagna and Garcia-Hernandez to a small point of staggered cliffs where the territory of this barrio ends. It is almost five kilometers from the barrio proper. One interesting feature to note is that, unlike other shores, the water along the strand is deep and seemingly non-receding, even at ebb or at low tides. Continue reading

Sinu-og Estokada Festival in Jagna

Sinu-og Estokada Fiesta Jagna BoholThe Sinu-og Estokada Festival is held annually in Jagna, Bohol in honor of Senior San Miguel, the town’s patron saint. ‘Sinu-og Estokada’ portrays the Christian militia’s victory over the raiding pirates and also depicts the celestial fight between good and evil. Estokada refers to fencing or fighting using bladed instruments. However, the fencing movements were customized so that it would go to the rhythm of the regular beat. The folks who join the street dancing dress themselves in costumes of either good or rebellious angels. Sinu-og Estokada is a modified version of Sinu-og Festival, which is celebrated in honor of Continue reading

Eva Cave in Jagna

Jagna BoholEva Cave in Odiong is named after a big tree locally known as “ISA” that grew near its entrance. For so many years, this cave appeared small and narrow, but owing to a high magnitude earthquake that happened thereat, its depth and width increased considerably. It lies about one and one-half kilometers from Odiong Elementary School.

The Eva Cave provides aesthetic value and economic importance to the barrio folks. Near the cave wild orchids and tree ferns of the tropics grow abundantly. Different species of birds abound and these birds build edible nest, which are gathered in large quantities for sale. Continue reading