Sumayajaw Festival in Jabonga

Sumayajaw Festival Jabonga Agusan Del Norte August Feast Lady Assumption Thanksgiving Celebration Date History Costumes Origins The Sumayajaw Festival is held annually in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte province. Jabonganons living in other places will really come home to Jabonga to witness the Sumayajaw Festival. The festival is celebrated every 15th of August, the fall of the Feast of Our Lady of Assumption. This is a thanksgiving offering through songs, dances and “Luwa” (lyrical poem) for the bounties showered by the Heavenly Father through the intercession of Our Lady of Assumption – the Patroness of Jabonga. Sumayajaw dates back as far as one can remember. But the staging of Sumayajaw as a festival began in 2002 with Rev. Fr. Almado C. Ecarma, the Parish Priest, at the helm believing that Sumayajaw would not only unite the Jabonganons but would also bond with the visitors as they gather at the Town Square. Continue reading

Mayugda Falls in Jabonga

Mayugda Falls, Jabonga, Agusan del NorteMayugda Falls is situated along the road at Purok 1 Poblacion Jabonga. It is just a short three-layer waterfall with an approximate measurement of 2 meters. Passers by really admire this naturally cool, attractive and multi-level waterfalls. Mayugda Falls is now taken cared of by the municipality because of the expansion of the tourism project. Flowers and other plants in its surroundings further enhanced its beauty. Cleanliness is also maintained. The falls is not only rich in natural beauty but also with an enchanting story. According to the townsfolk there were times wherein people took some shots at the falls but nothing appears at the picture. So, come and visit Mayugda Falls. You will discover its true beauty and the truth behind its enchanting tale.

Kalinawan River

Kalinawan River Jabonga Agusan del NorteThe Kalinawan River is a popular watersport location for canoeing in Agusan del Norte province. The word Kalinawan comes from the Visayan word “linaw,” which literally means clear. Declared as the cleanest inland body of water in the Caraga region, this 29.1 kilometer of pristine and picturesque river is the only outlet for Lake Mainit. Kalinawan River is next to Jagupit, and it passes through the municipalities of Jabonga, Santiago, Tubay before it finally empties into Butuan Bay. By history, it is one of the oldest trading and missionary routes in the Philippines. Its historical past (part of the Old Kingdom of Butuan even predates Philippine history. The river is fishing ground to the mamanwas since immemorial. The mamanwa tribe who inhabits Continue reading

Baoto Festival in Jabonga

Baoto MarathonThe Baoto Festival is an event held annually in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte province. This event features a regional race for native wooden “baotos” or “dug-out canoe”, the main event of which is the 30k Baoto Marathon, touted as the longest paddling race in the Philippines. Baoto is an old name for baroto, a local term for boat. It is the means of transportation of this region ancestors in traversing rivers, lakes and the sea. Local residents and guests will also witness and join different activities during the entire festivity. Participants choose among the eco-friendly activities organized by the four participating towns. Skills training are also offered such as mountaineering, caving, canoeing and Single Rope Technique Continue reading

Lake Mainit

Anibongan Islet Kitcharao Lake MainitLake Mainit is the fourth largest lake in the Philippines. It has a total area of about 17,060 hectares and its lakeshore has total length of 62.10 kilometers. The lake is divided almost equally between the provinces of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte. It is most known for its rich fish resources. There are 31 barangays in the municipalities of Mainit, Alegria, Kitcharao & Jabonga.

Lake Mainit is reported to be the habitat of rare fish species; the puyo or perch and gabot. These species have become rare due to the introduction of new fish species. Habitats of other rare and threatened wildlife Continue reading

Sumayajaw Festival in Jabonga

Sumayajaw Festival JabongaThe Sumayajaw Festival is held during the town fiesta of Jabonga, in Agusan del Norte province. Held every 3rd Sunday of October, this festival is an annual celebration that showcases the Mamanwa dance healing rituals. It is a re-enactment of a miraculous healing of a Mamanwa native in 1910 while dancing in front of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This statue was brought to Magallanes from Las Nieves, Barcelona Spain. This festival is a thanksgiving celebration for the bounties showered by the Heavenly Father through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Lady of Assumption.