The San Jose Church in Ivana

San Jose Church Ivana Batanes Location History Construction Architecture Layout Parish Schedule Mass Espadana Wedding Priest Campanile Belltower Statue Tour Visit Structure Building Convent Worship The San Jose Church is located in Ivana in Batanes Province. The church, officially known as San Jose de Ivana Church, was constructed in 1814 although its foundation dates back as early as 1795. Of all the churches in the province, San Jose is the only one that was not built in the traditional espadaña style. It has a crenellated fortress-like campanile or belltower that gives the appearance of a fortification. The San Jose Church fronts the Ivana Seaport and offers a commanding view of the sea and surrounding countryside due to its elevation. The San Jose Church is located 14 kilometers from Basco. Continue reading

Radiwan Point in Batanes

Radiwan Point Ivana Seaport Batanes Province Sabtang Itbayat Ferry Station Falowas History Katipuneros Freedom Fighters Location Description Map Distance Elevation Population Wharf Beach Boat Resort Radiwan Point is located at the Port of Ivana in Radiwan, in the Batanes Province. Radiwan Point is where the Katipuneros, the Filipino freedom fighters), arrived from the island of Luzon in September 18, 1898. Radiwan Point has a falowas ferry station enabling passengers to travel to nearby Sabtang and Itbayat. Continue reading