The Iskong Bantay Watchtower in Atimonan

Iskong Bantay Observatory Tower Atimonan Quezon Watchtower History Construction Moro Pirate Attacks Francisco Tandas Defender Bricks Repair Location Map Observation Bicol Description Spanish Info The Iskong Bantay Observatory Tower is a watchtower located n Atimonan in Quezon Province. The Iskong Bantay Watchtower was built in 1752 as an observation and defense tower to determine weather condition and to warn the town folks of impending moro pirate attacks. Named in memory of Francisco Tandas, popularly known as Iskong Bantay, chief defender of the town in the raid of 1872. Atimonan is located 175 kilometers southeast of Manila. It is traversed by the Maharlika Highway, which extends up to Bicol Region that links the regional and provincial movements to Manila. Continue reading