Mount Iraya in Batanes

Mount Iraya Basco Batanes Mountain Elevation Hiking Tour Trail Dormant Volcano Summit Trekking Horizon Pearl Orient Seas Trailblazing Forest Hill Wildlife Camping Airport Spring Water Location Info Mount Iraya is Batanes‘ highest mountain, standing at an elevation of 1,517 meters above sea level. Mount Iraya is a dormant volcano on Batan Island whose last eruption was recorded in 505 AD. At its summit, trekkers can view the horizon and be on the top of the Pearl of the Orient Seas. Hiking to the summit takes approximately four hours depending on skill level. Mountaineering, trekking and trailblazing are recommended sports activities on the mountain. Walking distance from Basco, the top of Mt. Iraya can be reached in about three hours. Adventurous types will enjoy the heavily forested and steep trail leading towards Mt. Iraya. The forest is filled with plants and wildlife, giving everyone opportunities to take a lot of Batanes pictures for their photo albums back home. The Basco Airport is located at the foot of Mount Iraya. Source of the spring water distributed in Continue reading

The Mangyan Culture

Mangyan MindoroThe Mangyan (Iraya, Alangan, Batangan, Tadyawan, Buhid, Tao Buid, Hanunoo, Ratagnon; also known in literature as Mangianes, Manghianes, Manguianes, Tiron, Lactan, Buquit, Barangan, Tagaydan, Pula, Nauhan, and Buid) is a generic term that refer to the indigenous peoples of the island of Mindoro. Several groupings have been noted by different authorities. These include: (1) Hanunoo, southern part of Oriental Mindoro, (2) Buhid, just north of the Hanunoo, (3) Batangan, in the interior forests north of the Buhid, (4) Ratagnon, in the southern tip of the island, (5) Iraya, on the northern tip of Mindoro, (6) Tadyawan, on the east and northeastern side, and (7) Alangan, on the vicinity Mount Halcon. Continue reading

Ga’dang People

Sierra MadreThe Ga’dang inhabit the area in the middle Cagayan Valley where tributaries of the Cagayan River merge with the eastern sides of the Cordillera mountains. Some of the more conservative groups may be found in highlands of southeastern KalingaApayao, eastern Bontoc and Isabela. From here, they extend into the valley and have become interspersed with the Christian Ilocano and Ibanag, specifically in the Magat River valley in northwestern Nueva Vizcaya. In the lowlands they are almost indistinguishable from other groups. Five subgroups are recognized: (1) Gaddang proper, (2) Yogad, (3) Maddukayang, (4) Katalangan, and Continue reading

The Mangyan Tribe of Mindoro

Mangyan TribeThe Mangyan Tribe are the first inhabitants of Mindoro. They belong to the Malay race. Like most natives in the Philippines, these people are short with snub noses and brown complexion. Among the seven clans – Alangan, Buhid, Iraya, Hanunuo, Tadyaoan, Ratagnon and Batangan occupying the land, Batangas and the Alangans inhabit Sablayan, a town in the mid-western portion of the island. Continue reading