Igcabugao Cave in Iloilo

Igcabugao Cave Igbaras Iloilo Location Entrance Chamber Creek Cavern Underground Water Basin Location Hiking Trail Rock Igcabugao Cave is located in barangay Igbaras in Iloilo. It is 14 kilometers away from the town proper. It is a downhill walk on a rocky track where tremendous rock formations frames the way to the cave. One can relax in the cool and clear waters of Igbolo Creek nearby. The chambers inside the cave are eerie and immense. Lantern-equipped guides will take one to a pool of clear but extremely cold water. Although there are other caves in the area such as the Passi Cave, Bat Cave, Bais Cave and Lapusan Cave. Spelunkers enjoy the vastness and richness of Igcabugao Cave with its underground basins that houses a number of cave creatures and inside the cave, the splendid formation of stalagmites and stalactites sparkles like immaculate crystals. The window of the cave that emanates breathtaking Continue reading