The Bae Rice Terraces in Kiangan

Bae Rice Terraces Kiangan Ifugao Location Size History Farm Plantation Barangay Harvest Season Kilometer Panoramic View Tour Guide Province Heritage Unesco List Species Irrigation Length Description The Bae Rice Terraces are located in Ambabag, Kiangan in Ifugao Province. The Bae Rice Terraces is among the panoramic sites in Kiangan and is located near the Nagacadan Rice Terraces. The rice terraces in Ifugao have existed for over 2,000 years and are currently listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Bae Rice Terraces is located minutes from the town center, and its location is ideal for sunrise and sunset walks amidst the majestically maintained terraces. Continue reading

The Uttu Falls in Kiangan

Uttu Falls Kiangan Ifugao Mount Kapugan Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature Guide HistoryThe Uttu Falls is located in Ambabag, Kiangan in Ifugao Province. Located at the foot of Mount Kapugan, which is sometimes spelled Mount Capugan, the pristine basin of Uttu Waterfalls is suitable for swimming, picnics and is reachable via a 30 minute hike. The Bae Rice Terraces are also nearby. Kiangan is located in the southwest part of Ifugao Province and 10 kilometers from the capital town of Lagawe. Continue reading

The Lumauig Stone in Ifugao

Lumauig Stone Balangbang River Ifugao boulder black rock lumogig size location distance hiking Trail origin map layout distance kilometer tour guide legend mythology folklore climb graffiti info The Lumauig Stone is located in Ifugao Province. The Lumauig Stone, sometimes spelled Lumogig or Lumauig, is a huge enchanted black boulder held by three smaller stones, and this large rock is located in the middle of the Balangbang River. It is believed to mean that Mayoyao people will stay strong and happy as long as the stone stands. The Ifugaos believe that their gods and goddesses placed the Stone along the river. Continue reading

The Uhat Mission in Kiangan

Uhat Mission Site Kiangan Ifugao Bae Ambuwaya Lake Spanish Roman Catholic Church Father Jose Lorenzo History Construction Missionary Building Visit Tour Guide Worship Christianity Distance Kilometer The Uhat Mission is located in Kiangan in Ifugao Province. Uhat Mission is located between the village of Bae and Ambuwaya Lake; It was here that the first Spanish Roman Catholic mission was established in the Kiangan area by Father Jose Lorenzo in 1864. He was replaced in 1868 by Father Juan Villaverde when he was killed in Tuplac by a man named Bumidang. It marked the start of the attempt of the Spanish missionaries to colonize the Ifugao in Kiangan through religion. The Uhat Mission can be reached by taking a tricycle to Bae, and then hiking for a short distance. It can also be reached through a leisure walk of around 1 ½ kilometers. Continue reading

The Imbuliklik Rock in Kiangan

Imbuliklik Rock in Kiangan IfugaoThe Imbuliklik Rock is located in Kiangan in Ifugao Province. The Imbuliklik rock measures 22 meters and is located near the Nagacadan Rice Terraces. This large boulder is believed to be from a volcanic eruption a thousand years ago. According to legend, the Ifugao Goddess named “Bugan” holds this large rock in her hair, which, according to legend, is why the boulder does not move during earthquakes. If you are into rock climbing, this is a potential destination to visit. Continue reading

The Bagnit Falls in Kiangan

Bagnit Falls Kiangan Ifugao Mumbungug Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature Guide History The Bagnit Falls are located in Kiangan in Ifugao Province. The Bagnit Waterfalls, also sometimes called the Mumbungug Falls), cascades from a height of approximately 100 meters. Its water splashes down to a basin which irrigate rice terraces along the slopes of the mountain. After a short drive and hike, visitors can enjoy swimming and picnicking at the base of the waterfall. Hikers also have a vivid view of terraces within the area. Continue reading

Mount Pangaggawan Caves in Kiangan

Mount Pangaggawan Caves Bolog Kiangan Ifugao Entrance Cavern Size Bat Species Mountain Barangay Exploration Difficulty Depth Size Length Location Map Explore Visit Tour Guide Province Drop Hiking The Mount Pangaggawan Caves are a system of eight caverns located in Kiangan in Ifugao Province. The Mount Pangaggawan Caves is the largest cave system in Ifugao, with eight known caves which are the habitat of four local bat species. The caves are located inside the Pangaggawan mountain of Barangay Bolog. Exploration of the caves ranges from the easy to the extreme. There are two ways to enter, either by rappelling or by using the small metal stairs straight down. A challenging adventure for cavers, nature lovers and mountain climbers. The entrance to these caves varies from 30 to 60 meters drop. It can be reached by 20 minute ride from the capital town of Lagawe and a five hour hike through the mountain trails. Continue reading

Mount Kappugan in Kiangan

Mount Kappugan Kiangan Ifugao Location Elevation Summit Mountain Trekking Camping Hiking Trail Destination View Barangay History Hingyon Tinoc Nueva Vizcaya Province Rice Terraces Distance Kilometer Mount Kappugan is located in Kiangan in Ifugao Province. Mount Kappugan is ideal for mountain trekking and is a popular camping destination. At the top, one can view eleven of the 15 barangays of Kiangan and some parts of the municipalities of Hingyon, Tinoc and even some parts of Nueva Vizcaya Province. The splendor of the terraces is best viewed at the top. Continue reading

Lake Ambuwaya in Kiangan

Lake Ambuwaya Kiangan Ifugao Location Hatching Center Fingerlings Swimming Boating Location Hiking Trail Picnic Site Headhunting Tribe Research Fishing Culture Depth Water Size History Fish Barbecue The Ambuwaya Lake is located in Kiangan in Ifugao province. Legend has it that the Lake Ambuwaya was once a village inhabited by a headhunting tribe. The village was turned into a lake due to a curse by one of the villagers against a leach. Today, Ambuwaya Lake is being used as a hatching center for fingerlings. The lake is deep and good for swimming and boating. The shaded surroundings is an ideal place for picnics. It is now the site of a research on fishing culture. The lake is located four kilometers from the town center of Kiangan and can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles.

Tocucan Sulfur Hot Spring in Ifugao

Tocucan Sulfur Hot Spring Tinoc Ifugao Tukukan Province Thermal Kalanguya Tribe Mountain Municipality Hiking Trail Monsoyosoy Buguias Benguet Sunshine Blooming Hill Express Bus Water Tour Location The Tocucan Sulfur Hot Spring is located in barangay Tukukan in the municipality of Tinoc in Ifugao Province. Tinoc is the home of the Kalanguya subgroup of the Ifugao ethnic group. The Kalanguya people, who reside near the Tocucan Hot Springs, are indigenous to the mountainous Tinoc and remain a majority in the municipality. The Tocucan Sulfur Springs can be reached by a two-hour hike from Monsoyosoy, Buguias, and Benguet. To get to the Tocucan Sulfur Hot Spring, just ride to  Sunshine and Blooming Hill Express (BHE) buses going to Tinoc. First daily trip from Tinoc to Baguio BHE bus starts at 8 am, and arrives at Abatan Buguias at 10 am.Second trip starts 11 am and arrived at Abatan at 1 pm. From Baguio to Tinoc BHE bus starts at 6 am and arrived at Abatan at 9 am,second trip starts at Continue reading