The Kiyangan Village in Ifugao

Kiyangan Village Habian Mungayang Kiangan Ifugao Town Ancient Ibulao River Lagawe Valley Rock Piles Rice Field History Pottery Shards Mythology Ancestor Ohayami Bus Pictures Settlement Population Kiyangan is the location of the first settlement in Ifugao Province. Kiyangan Village is located in Habian, Mungayang, in Kiangan. Kiyangan is an ancient village near the bank of the Ibulao River across the Lagawe Valley. The ancient village of Kiyangan no longer exists, but rockpilesĀ  surrounded by rice fields still stand, physical reminder of the first human settlement of the original ancestors of the Ifugao people. Pottery shards dating back to 900 A.D. can also be seen in the rice paddies. Ifugao mythology accounts Kiyangan as the dwelling place of Wigan and Bugan, the mythological ancestors of the Ifugao when they migrated from Kay-ang. Continue reading

Bintakan Cave in Lagawe Ifugao

Bintakan Cave Lagawe River Ifugao Province Entrance Size Depth Entrance Stalactite Length Stalagmite Location Slope HikingThe Bintakan Cave is located in Lagawe, Ifugao Province. It is located at the rocky slope of Ibulao, which is about 2 kilometers from the provincial capitol. The mouth of the cave is overlooking the Ibulao River. It is a three-room cave with dripping water that forms stalactites and stalagmites of different beautiful shapes. It can be reached by tricycle ride and 20-minute ascent to the mouth of the cave.