The Lon-oy Hydropower Plant in Bakun

Lon-oy Hydroelectric Power Plant Bakun Benguet Power Plant Electricity Unstable Terrain History Facility Construction Electric Hydro Damage Repair Lonoy River Water Harness Household Terrain Location The Lon-oy Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in Bakun in Benguet Province. The Lon-oy power plant has been rebuilt three times in its 20-year history. It was damaged by landslides brought about by a typhoons in 1997, in 2008, and again in the year 2000. The ongoing damage is attributable to the unstable terrain on which the plant is located on. This does not deter Hedcor from rebuilding and responsibly delivering 12 million kWh for NPC and BENECO. The plant employs four employees to maintain and operate it. Continue reading

The Bakun Hydroplant in Alilem

Bakun Ac Hydro Power Plant Alilem Ilocos Sur Location Hydroplant Electricity River Size Facility Construction Hydroelectric National Power Corporation Manager Contact North Luzon Building Water Info The Bakun AC Hydro Power Plant is located in Alilem in Ilocos Sur Province. The Bakun AC Hydro has been producing 70 MW of clean and renewable energy for Northern Luzon since 2001. It taps the power of the Bakun River through its weir – the point where part of the river water is diverted – in Bakun, Benguet. Developed under a build-operate-transfer scheme, the hydroelectric plant will be handed over to the National Power Corporation in working condition, free of charge after 25 years. During the construction of the plant, about 16 kilometers of access roads were developed and are now used as farm-to-market roads. This includes the 292-meter “Friendship Bridge” Continue reading

Ambuklao Dam in Benguet

Ambuklao Dam Bokod Benguet Agnos River Hydro Electric Plant Power Water History Construction Location Electricity Facility Tour Luzon Binga Baguio Grid Description Built Size Schedule Length Amount The Ambuklao Dam is located in Bokod, Benguet Province, 36 kilometers away from Baguio City. The Ambuklao Dam uses water from the Agnos River to generate electricity to northern Luzon. Built in 1955, the Ambuklao Dam used to be the biggest facility of its type in Asia. It generates and supplies electric power in many parts of Luzon and is appropriate for swimming and fishing. The water extracted from the Ambuklao Hydroelectric Plant flows straight into the Binga Dam and is reused to add more power to this grid. Continue reading