The Mayon Zigzag in Canlaon

Mayon Zigzag Canlaon Negros Oriental Highway Barangay Bagawines Street Shape Location Distance Kilometer View Tanon Strait Cebu Tagbino Map Toll Length Size History Description Avenue Toll Traffic The Mayon Zigzag is a highway located in Canlaon in Negros Oriental Province. The Mayon Zigzag is the portion of the highway from the junction of Barangay Bagawines where the road ascends into a zigzag, affording a changing panoramic view of the blue waters of Tañon Strait and the island of Cebu, and hugging the foothill dwellings of farmers like toy houses surrounded by cornfields. The climb ends in Barangay Tagbino of Canlaon City. Canlaon is located 168 kilometers (104 miles) north from the provincial capital of Dumaguete and is home to the highest mountain in the province, the Kanlaon Volcano. Continue reading

Kennon Road in Baguio

Kennon Road BaguioA road trip worth doing is the drive along Kennon road, a beautiful road that connects Baguio with the lowlands. The road is named after Colonel Lyman Kennon, who with the help of local laborers was responsible for building the Benguet road. The road was seriously damaged in the 1990 earthquake, but has since been re-opened. The beautiful Bridal Veil Falls are an excellent stopping off point, and the local legend says that the water here has healing properties. Kennon road is 32 kilometers of first class road starting from the La UnionBenguet boundary. Otherwise known as the Zigzag Road, it is a breathtaking and Continue reading

Halsema Mountain Highway in Benguet

Halsema HighwayThe Halsema Mountain Highway is 96 kilometers in length and starts from La Trinidad in Benguet province, cutting across deep mountain peaks and gorges. Formerly called the “Mountain Trail”, this magnificent road leads to the wonderland of the Cordillera, to hidden villages, wonderful rice terraces, quaint native life style which discovers unique customs and folkways, rhythmic dances and its children of nature. This cloud-kissed highway helped bring about changes in the highlands. Formerly a trail traversed by American prospectors on horse-pulled wagons, this road had paved the development of commerce and trade; rich mines have been tapped; food production and cottage industries Continue reading

North Luzon Expressway

NLEXThe North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) is the main transport corridor from the Manila metropolitan area to central and north Luzon; there is no viable alternative for travellers. Built between 1975 and 1977 by the Department of Public Works and Highways, the expressway operated as a toll road. Originally, the expressway was franchised to a private company; however, this was later taken over by the Government and renamed the Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC). Under PNCC management, the expressway was not adequately maintained. In addition, growing traffic volume meant that the expressway Continue reading

Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway

Subic Clark Tarlac Highway MapThe Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway is the country’s longest expressway at 93.8 kilometers (58 miles). Started in April 2005, the expressway, also known as SCTEX, started operations in 2008, with the opening of the Subic-Clark Segment and Zone A of the portion of Clark-Tarlac Segment. The opening of Zones B and C of the remaining Clark-Tarlac Segment on July 25, 2008 signaled the full operations of the SCTEX.

The SCTEX seeks to transform the Central Luzon region into a world-class logistics hub in the Asia-Pacific region through the integration of economic activities in the Subic Bay Freeport, the Clark Freeport Zone, and the Continue reading