Tinago Island in Caramoan

Tinago Island Caramoan Hidden Beach Islet Location Tour Camping Cave Limestone Mountain Peninsula Boat SandTinago is a Bicol word which means “hidden.” Tinago Island is a hidden island with interesting features; It got its name because it was located at the back of Cagbalinag Island. According to the tourists who have been to Tinago Island, most local boatmen—even those who double as tour guides—would rather not take tourists here, simply because they don’t know of the secluded and astonishing features of the island that only tourists persistent and adventurous enough can enjoy. Unlike the more popular Gota and Hunongan beaches in Caramoan, this cove is concealed from view when you traverse the length of the Caramoan peninsula coastline. However, it is accessible from the sea through a narrow passageway found in the huge limestone karst formations lining the coastline. Continue reading