Handumanan Museo de Calbayog

Handumanan Museo Calbayog Building Spanish Structure Quarters Government Samar Office Barracks Japanese Imperial Army City High School Jail Construction History Renovation Bricks Tourism Information The Handumanan Museo de Calbayog is located in Calbayog in Samar Province. Located near the Cathedral, this structure is acknowledged by some quarters as the first government structure built by the Spaniards in the Samar region. It has served various purposes since the late 1800s, from a site of Spanish government offices, to barracks of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War 2, as the Calbayog City High School and more recently, as the Calbayog City Jail. Though it has undergone some drastic renovations, the original coral stones and bricks remain intact. The structure has been renovated into a two-storey 19th century Filipino architecture. Today, it serves as the Calbayog City Tourism and Information Office and the Calbayog Museum. The Handumanan Museo de Calbayog is located on Avelino Street in Calbayog City, besides the City Plaza and Cathedral. Continue reading