The Highest Point View in Atok

Highest Point View Cattubo Atok Benguet Philippine Highway System Road Location Kilometer Halsema Elevation 7400 Feet Meters Pali Viewing Deck Panoramic Vegetable Gardens Tublay Bokod Kabayan Pulag The Highest Point View is located in Cattubo, Atok in Benguet Province. The site is the highest point in the country on the Philippine highway system. With a large green sign that says “Highest Point”, this site stands at an elevation of 7,400 ft above sea level. It is called the Philippine Pali because of its resemblance with Pali, Hawaii. From the view deck, the invigorating climate enhances the visual splendor of the vegetable gardens and the mountain ranges of Atok, Tublay, Bokod and Kabayan, including the lofty and majestic Mt. Pulag. The Highest Point Deck is located at Kilometer 53 along the Halsema Highway, which is a two hour drive from La Trinidad, the capital town of the province. Continue reading

Guerilla Saddle in Benguet

Guerilla Saddle Caliking Atok Benguet Location History World War Usaffe American Army Troops Battle Japanese Soldiers Rest Stop Halsema Highway Baguio City Elevation Kilometer Distance Mountain Info The Guerilla Saddle is located in Caliking, Atok in the province of Benguet. Guerilla Saddle was the location of where the guerillas of the WW II fought alongside the United States Army Forces Far East (USAFFE) against the retreating Japanese soldiers. It is an existing natural attraction in Atok and serves as a resting stop for travelers passing through the Halsema Highway. Guerilla Saddle is located one hour away from Baguio City. Continue reading

Alab Petroglyphs in Bontoc

Alab Petroglyphs Bontoc Mountain Province Carvings Boulders Chico River National Culture Treasure Stone Halsema Highway Village The Alab Petroglyphs are a set of carvings on boulders found in Bontoc, Mountain Province, that depict the people’s ancient way of life. The Alab Petroglyphs is located across the Chico River, a short distance upstream from Bontoc. It was declared a national cultural treasure in 1975. The Alab Petroglyphs are over 3,000 years old. The stones are inscribed with bows and arrows believed to tell the ancient fertility rites of the Cordillera natives. Barangay Alab is located 9 kilometers south of Bontoc on the Halsema Highway. The petroglyphs are a three hour climb above the village and past burial caves. Continue reading

Halsema Mountain Highway in Benguet

Halsema HighwayThe Halsema Mountain Highway is 96 kilometers in length and starts from La Trinidad in Benguet province, cutting across deep mountain peaks and gorges. Formerly called the “Mountain Trail”, this magnificent road leads to the wonderland of the Cordillera, to hidden villages, wonderful rice terraces, quaint native life style which discovers unique customs and folkways, rhythmic dances and its children of nature. This cloud-kissed highway helped bring about changes in the highlands. Formerly a trail traversed by American prospectors on horse-pulled wagons, this road had paved the development of commerce and trade; rich mines have been tapped; food production and cottage industries Continue reading

Natubleng Vegetable Terraces in Buguias

Natubleng Vegetable Terraces BuguiasThe Natubleng Vegetable Terraces is a beautiful terraced mountainside planted with cabbage, Baguio beans, carrots, and more. Motorists passing through the Halsema Mountain Highway notice this attraction because of its neat rows and upright trellises. Located at the heart of Barangay Natubleng, it is a scenic view seen from an elevated site along the Halsema Highway. It shows an illustration of the ingenuity of the Igorots’ way of farming in the uplands. It is spectacular view of the vegetable gardens in the Loo valley, Baculongan Sur and North and Anlimay including the mountain ranges toward Ifugao and the great Mt. Pulag. Viewing site can actually be anywhere along Halsema Highway within Buyacaoan and Continue reading