Elephant Hill in Kalinga

Elephant Hill Greenhills San Pedro Rizal Kalinga Location Mammoth Water Buffalo Fossil Discovery Site Archeologists Paleontologists National Museum Bones Stone Flakes Date Artifacts History Tabuk Elephant Hill is located in Rizal, Kalinga Province. Archaeologists and paleontologists from the National Museum, University of the Philippines Diliman Archaeological Studies Program, Naturalis, University of Athens, and University of Wollongong, Australia, discovered a set of bones belonging to an ancient animal they estimated to be around 800,000 years old and about the size of a present day water buffalo. The discovery was at Greenhills in San Pedro, Rizal. In addition to the fossils, stone flakes, used as cutting tools, were also discovered in the area. The area where the fossils were found can be reached after a two-hour drive through upland roads from the Kalinga capital of Tabuk City. Continue reading

Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan

Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan Manila Location Shops Factory Outlet Center Hours Operation Pictures Restaurants VendorsThe Greenhills Shopping Center is a mid-to-upscale bargain shopping center catering to all social classes who are looking for cheap thrills with stylish branding. Located in San Juan, Manila, this shopping center has thousand of stores and stalls. The shopping arcades are usually crowded every Christmas as young and old people troop to Greenhills not only to buy gifts and giveaways but also to witness the lifesize mannequin show known as the “Christmas on Display”. Tourists and foreign visitors are also brought here to shop for cheap versions of branded items as well as Filipiniana souvenirs. Greenhills Shopping Center is the Philippines’ premier shopping, entertainment, and dining destination – with over 2,000 stores in a unique indoor/outdoor environment. Located just 20 minutes from Ninoy Aquino International airport, and minutes away from most hotels, Greenhills Continue reading

Artinformal in Manila

Artinformal Gallery Mandaluyong ManilaArtinformal was established in 2004 by a clique of contemporary Filipino artists as an initiative to bring art and its practice closer to the community through programs of exhibitions and art education. Its attendant gallery space, established two years later, promotes and features a broad range of art forms to the public – from sculpture, painting, pottery, installation, multi- media, performances – all under the rubric of creative exchange and encounters. The Big Room, a 30 square meter space adjacent to the main gallery was opened in 2012 to allow for two simultaneous solo exhibitions. Continue reading

Breadtalk Greenhills Shopping Center

Bread Talk bakery Greenhills Manila

The BreadTalk in Greenhills is located on the ground floor of the Annapolis parking structure building

BreadTalk has a bakery retail store located at the Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan in Manila.

BreadTalk is a Singapore-based chain of bakery outlets which specializes in a wide range of pastries, bread, cakes, and buns. BreadTalk Philippines has taken the its signature breads and lifestyle shopping concept and infused its unique local character into the brand. It has brought to life its own Filipino stories and inspirations in the likes of the ‘Sumo Pandesal’, ‘Cheezymada’, ‘Sisig Bun’, and ‘Cheese Flosss’. Friends and fans in the Philippines have quickly taken to this modern way of retailing bread and constantly await BreadTalk’s new creations. Continue reading