Kalesayahan Festival in Gasan

Kalesayahan Festival GasanKalesayahan is a contraction of two Tagalog words, “kalesa”, a local horse-drawn vehicle and “kasayahan”, festivity. A festival celebrating kalesas in Gasan town during the past decade to generate interest in this form of local transportation and to preserve the few existing ones, has been successfully undertaken in the month of August of every year. This is timed with the town’s celebration of its founding anniversary.

Kalesas and horses are decorated gaily with indigenous materials, carrying a young couple dressed up in ‘Filipiniana’ attire. Photos here show samplings of the village folks ingenuity shown in various expressions of their Continue reading

Gasang-Gasang Festival in Gasan

Gasang-Gasang Festival Gasan MarinduqueThe Gasang-Gasang Festival is a street dancing festival held annually in Gasan, in Marinduque province. The festival was inspired by the Moriones and the Sinakulo, passion plays. Accompanied by the beat of festival drums, contingents from the different barangays compete for the best in costume and choreography. The drama revolves around the morion tradition and the Resurrection and takes place on Easter Sunday.

It was in Gasan where scholars and journalists first discovered the existence of the Morions way back in the 60’s. After it caught the Continue reading

Marinduque Province

MarinduqueThe province of Marinduque extends about 137 nautical miles from Manila between Bondoc Peninsula at the eastern portion of Luzon and Oriental Mindoro. It is bounded on the north by Tayabas Bay, northeast by Mongpong Pass, southeast by Tayabas Strait and Sibuyan at the south, and about 29 nautical miles from Balanacan Port to Lucena City and 30 nautical miles from Gasan Port to Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. Continue reading