Bonchon Chicken’s Boxed Meals

Bonchon Chicken Sandwich BoxBonchon Chicken Philippines currently offers ten different Meal Combinations, called Boxed Meals. All Boxed Meals include an Ice Tea beverage. The Boxed Meals are: the Wings Ricebox, the Chops Ricebox, the Drumstick & Thigh Ricebox, the Chicken Sandwich Box, the Crispy Fish Ricebox, the Crispy Squid Ricebox, the Fish & Chips Box, the Crispy Shrimp Ricebox, and the Beef Bulgogi Ricebox. Bonchon Chicken comes in four different flavors: Soy Garlic, Spicy, Honey Citrus, or Crunchy Garlic. Continue reading

Dried Pidjanga from Lake Mainit

Dried Pijanga Lake Mainit Surigao del NorteDried Pidjanga, also known as White Goby, comes from Lake Mainit in Surigao del Norte. Lake Mainit is the country’s fourth largest lake and the province’s most significant body of water filled with freshwater fauna such as carp, tilapia, catfish, and the famous pidjanga. This delicacy has a special story because it’s produced from the efforts of the rural agrarian reform community of Surigao. Tourists and locals bring this home frequently because of its unique taste. Continue reading


Mistichthys luzonensisSinarapan is scientifically known as Mistichthys luzonensis. There is no translation of this name in Filipino, though the word means “tasty” or “delicious.” This species is found only in Lakes Bato and Lake Buhi and other bodies of water in Camarines Sur province, part of the Philippines’ Bicol Region. It is believed to be the world’s smallest commercially harvested fish (though not the smallest fish known). The fish has an average length of 12.5 millimeters. Males are smaller than females. Sinarapan were first studied in 1859, but were mistakenly thought to be immature specimens of Gobius dispar. They received no further outside attention until United States Army scientists described them as a new species in 1902. Continue reading

Pinangat na Isda

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Pinangat na Isda is a Filipino Fish dish. There are two popular versions of Pinangat: the sour version using bilimbi (kamias); and the Bicol version with gata. This recipe is the sour version. Ingredients include fish, bilimbi (kamias), tomatoes, peppercorn, salt.

For the complete Filipino Pinangat na Isda recipe, the required ingredients, cooking and serving instructions, preparation time, meal nutrition information, please visit the Panlasang Pinoy web site by clicking HERE. Continue reading

Fish Afritada

Fish AfritadaTry this delicious seafood version of a classic Pinoy favorite. Serve with red rice instead of the usual white rice for an even healthier meal. Ingredients include fish fillet, calamansi juice, iodized salt, flour, green olives, red bell pepper, carrots, potato, Del Monte Quick ‘n Easy Afritada Sauce. Continue reading