The Tilaw Food Festival in Surigao City

Tilaw Food Festival Surigao City culinary taste cooking competiion celebration schedule calendar date theme events meaning location history fiesta origins pageant lineup parade costumes props photos The Tilaw Food Festival is held annually in Surigao City. The Tilaw Food Festival showcases the Surigaonon culinary heritage through food fairs and competitions designed to upgrade the city’s food and beverage industry. Tilaw means taste. One of the most-awaited activities of this gastronomic affair is the Cooking Contest which brings together the best of the bests cooks of the region to create new dishes or versions of their native specialties. The City Government through their Tourism Office encourages Surigaonons to discover new cuisines that they can call their own. Some of the latest brands they have are the Pan de Nicolas (biscuit similar to otap or browas) and “STK” (sugba-tula-kilaw) or grill-soup-sushi. Students also have opportunities to show their skills and talents on different competitions on bartending and cocktail, table-setting, skirting and Continue reading

The Kamahardikaan Festival in Bongao

Kamahardikaan Festival Bongao Tawi-Tawi Calendar Date Schedule Celebration Autonomous Region In Muslim Mindanao Armm Budjang Agal Parade Float Costume Activities Fluvial Parade Trade Fair Scubasuero The Kamahardikaan Festival is celebrated annually in Bongao in Tawi-Tawi Province. The Kamahardikaan Festival brings out the cultural richness of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). The highlight of the festival is the showcase of talents for search of Budjang Tawi-Tawi and is the most anticipated event is the Agal-Agal, where different municipalities compete for the best parade float and best costumes. Other activities include the fluvial parade, trade fair, scubasurero and sports competition. The Kamahardikaan Festival is usually held in September on the streets of the provincial capital, Bongao. Kamahardikaan means “to honor” in Sinama, which is the vernacular of the Sama—the collective name of the people of Tawi-Tawi. The event will project the Continue reading

The Mayohan Festival in Tayabas

Mayohan Festival Tayabas Quezon San Ididro Labrador Patron Saint Lambanog Hagisan Suman Parada Baliskog Celebration Schedule Calendar Date Theme Events Meaning Location History Fiesta Origins Pageant The Mayohan Festival is held annually in Tayabas in Quezon Province. The Mayohan festival is a week long celebration in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. The festival is usually held every May in Tayabas. It aims to reunite everyone in the town through different gratifying activities such as Lambanog drinking, Hagisan ng

uman, Parada ng Baliskog and many others. It has been gaining support from the local residents and the local government unit since it started in 1989. Continue reading

The Alimango Festival in Lala

Alimango Festival Lala Lanao Del Norte Araw Crab Meat Costume Dance Culture Parade Schedule Date Calendar March Schedule Origin Location Water Seafood Fiesta Celebration Party Competition Contest The Alimango Festival is held annually in Lala, Lanao del Norte Province. The Alimango Festival celebrates “Araw ng Lala” featuring displays of various types of alimango (crab). The Alimango Festival also features native costumes, dances and contests depicting and supporting local culture and a traditional and water-based parade passing through unspoiled mangroves. Various activities, such as native dance performances, are held to showcase the local culture and tradition. Alimango Festival, a celebration that culminates during the Araw ng Lala on March 22 of every year, is in line with the thrust of National Leadership and the Department of Tourism vision to develop and enrich community-based development and sustainable tourism. Continue reading

The Seaweed Festival in Bongao

Seaweed Festival Bongao Tawi Tawi Location Agal Agal Celebration Harvest Carrageen Calendar Date Week September Costume Culture Tradition Street Dancing Parade Trade Fair Regatta Night Beauty Pageant The Seaweed Festival is held annually in Bongao in Tawi-Tawi Province. Also known as the Agal-Agal Festival, it is a thanksgiving fest festivity to celebrate the success of the local harvest. Agal-Agal means carrageen seaweed. The Seaweed Festival is similar to the Meguyaya festival. This week-long festivity is celebrated every fourth week of September showcasing the region’s economic potentials, culture, costumes and tradition; with like activities such as; streetDancing Parade and field demonstration; Trade fair, Regatta; Cultural Night Presentation; Beauty Pageant;Environment Protection and Conservation Forum; and to capped with is the conduct of business matching with ASEAN countries. Continue reading

Rahugan Festival in Basud Camarines Norte

Rahugan Festival Basud Camarines Norte Date Calendar Schedule Basudenos Coconuts Rahug Beauty Pageant Tourism Expo Street Dancing Parade Costume Origin Activities Painting Mural Contest Location Info The Rahugan Festival is a week-long festival held in Basud in Camarines Norte Province. The Rahugan festival celebrates the most humble of character traits among Basudeños: the love of family, sense of belongingness, peaceful and cooperative life, and community spirit. The name of the festival comes from ‘rahug’, which means many coconuts. There are various activities held such as a beauty pageant, tourism expo, street dancing and many more. The Rahugan Festival embraces the community in a solid manifestation of solidarity among its people.. Highlight activities include: street dancing, mural painting contest, laro ng lahi, agro-tourism expo, beauty search, among others Continue reading

The Longganisa Festival in Guinobatan

Longganisa Festival Guinobatan Calendar Date Schedule August Bicol Culinary Product Celebration Fiesta Mass Church Motorcade Parade Music Sports Food Tournament Drum Competition Street Dance Concert Guinobatan hosts an annual festival in the celebration of Our Lady of Assumption, its patron saint. Until 2013, the town festival was called “Arandurugan Festival.” Held annually in August, Guinobatan now celebrates the Longganisa Festival, named after the local product listed under the Department of Trade and Industry’s “One Town, One Product” program. The aim of the Guinobatan Longganisa Festival is to promote Longganisa de Guinobatan as one of Bicol’s culinary delicacies. The annual celebration starts with a mass at the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Guinobatan, followed by a motorcade. In the past, activities including music, food, sports tournaments, drum and lyre competitions, street dances, concerts highlight the festival. Also the longganisa culinarian is showcased to show the region’s Continue reading

The Kalivungan Festival in Cotabato

Kalivungan Festival Cotabato Celebration Calendar Date Schedule Events Province Christian Muslim Lumad Maenuvu Gathering Fiesta Week Ethnic Dance Ritual Music Parade Games Tradition Activity Costume The Kalivungan Festival is held annually in Cotabato Province and celebrates the harmonious relations and the strong union that binds the province’s Tri-People: the Christians, Muslims and the Lumads. Kalivungan is a Maenuvu word which means “Gathering” or “Festival”. Kalivungan is the name of the province’s annual founding anniversary of the Province

of Cotabato. It features a week long celebration highlighting cultural presentation, ethnic dances, rituals, music and native games showcasing the unique cultures and traditions of Cotabateños. A grand Festival filled with fun and exciting activities, feast of abundance and thanksgiving that encourages and ensures active participation and involvement of all people from the different sectors of society, thus strengthens the commitment towards culture harmony, peace and Continue reading

Naliyagan Festival in Prosperidad

Naliyagan Festival Prosperidad Agusan Sur Celebration Plaza Date Calendar Schedule Agusanon Culture Heritage Origin Costume June Independence Showcase Trade Fair Booth Exhibit Parade Bayugan Province The Naliyagan Festival is a week-long festival celebrated annually at the Naliyagan Plaza in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur Province. The festival depicts the Agusanon culture and heritage. Indigenous tribes in the entire Agusan valley will display skills and grace in dancing as part of their ritual activities. Natives from far-flung areas of the province participate in the festivity by displaying their skills and gracefulness in a natural way. The Nalyagan Festival usually kicks off with the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day anniversary every June 12. A trade fair showcasing the province’s s own products also takes place at the Naliyagan Plaza. Booths and exhibits involve the province’s 13 municipalities including the lone city of Bayugan. Continue reading

Pagdaug Saludan Festival in Tigbauan

Pagdaug Saludan Festival Tigbauan Iloilo Victory Meaning Cultural Historical Calendar Date Fiesta March Freedom Heroism Costume Parade Schedule Origin Celebration Holiday Panay Romblon Event Info The Pagdaug Saludan Festival in held annually in Tigbauan, Iloilo Province. Pagdaug-Saludan Festival means the victory of our people. The Pagdaug-Saludan Festival is both cultural and historical. It highlights the culture of the residents of Tigbauan and how “salud” has become part of their everyday life. It will also show the struggle that our people experienced during World War II under the Japanese occupation and more importantly, it will give due recognition to the courage, bravery and heroism of those who fought against the invaders to eventually regain peace and freedom that led to our victory day. Continue reading