BPI and PNB Banknotes

Bpi Pnb Banknotes Bank Philippine Islands Banco Espanol Filipino Isabel National Paper Money Currency American Era Date Deonominaton Value Circulation Piso Size Specimen Peso Government Payment Info BPI and PNB Banknotes were the paper currency used in circulation in the Philippines between 1908 and 1937. El Banco Espanol-Filipino De Isabel II, renamed Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and the Philippine National Bank (PNB), were authorized to issue banknotes during the American era, from 1908 to 1933 for the former and 1916 to 1937 for the later. Republic Act No. 211 dated 1 June 1948 ordered the withdrawal of the PNB notes from circulation. Continue reading

Peso Fuertes Banknotes

Peso Fuertes Banknotes Filipino Paper Money Currency Banco Espanol Isabel Bank Strong Pesos Piso Denomination Value History Description Pictures Circulation Amount Issue Spain Tender Price Financial Peso Fuertes Banknotes were the first paper money currency circulated in the Philippines. Pesos Fuertes were issued in 1852 by the El Banco Espanol Filipino de Isabel II, the first bank established in the country. The banknote, “Strong Pesos” in English, had denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. Continue reading