The Bakhawan Eco Park in Kalibo

Bakhawan Eco Park Bachaw Sur Kalibo Aklan Mangrove Trees Ecopark Reserve Ecosystem Footbridge Tour Guide Visit Preserve Vegetation History Construction Forest Barangay Fee Location Distance Size The Bakhawan Eco Park is located in Bachaw Sur, Kalibo in Aklan Province. The term ‘bakhawan’ means mangrove, and the Bakhawan Park is hoem to literally thousands of mangrove trees. The mangroves provide shelter and make it a hospitable shelter for various marine life. The 170 hectare preserve was built in the 1990’s to address the frequent flooding in the town and aims to protect and maintain the rich ecosystem of the community of Kalibo. An 800-meter boardwalk takes visitors deep into the mangrove park. There is a small colorful boat tied at the end of the footbridge, as if waiting for travelers who want to further explore nature’s beauty. Be sure to reach the end of the path of the lush forest mangrove to get the fascinating view of the sea. The serenity that this place brings is more than enough to stay in this town. The Bakhawan ecopark can be reached in Continue reading

The Culajao Mangrove Eco-Park in Roxas

Culajao Mangrove Eco Park Culajao Roxas City Capiz Reserve Size Marine Life Wildlife Biodiversity Nipa Huts Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Tour Bamboo Raft Banca Species Water Location Description The Culajao Mangrove Eco Park is located in Culajao, Roxas City in Capiz Province. This sanctuary has the distinction of being the only community protected and the only mangrove reserve within the city.  This place stretches over 4.69 hectares and is home to diversity of marine life.  Marvel at the wonder of marine biodiversity in several nipa huts interconnected by more than 100 meters long pedestrian suspension bridge or join an educational tour by riding in a bamboo raft or banca to take a closer look at 19 species of mangroves that serve as habitat for a wide variety of fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, and shells while listening to a live composo about mangroves and Barangay Culajao.  Look out also for exotic birds and insects. This reserve is under the purview of Roxas City Government in partnership with PEW Fellows in Marine Conservation and Continue reading

The Dawey-Dawey Ecological Park in Botolan

Dawey-Dawey Ecological Park Parel Botolan Zambales Province River Delta Mangrove Forest Ecopark Location Tour Guide Hiking Trail Reserve Wildlife Size History Map Layout Fishing Land Tidal Flat Info The Dawey-Dawey Ecological Park is located in Parel, Botolan in Zambales Province. Dawey-dawey is a river delta that has an old growth mangrove forest. In this eco-park, members of the community provide tours on the river. Part of the experience is to learn the many local fishing practices that may be seen during low tide when people glean and collect food from the river and tidal flat. Continue reading

Pamansalan Forest Park in Dipolog

Pamansalan OlSCA Forest Park Dipolog City Zamboanga Norte Location Reserve Wildlife Flora Hiking Trail Fauna Trekker Nature Reservation Conservation Ecopark Ecological Japanese Organization History Map The Pamansalan OlSCA Forest Park in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte encompasses over 64 hectares of lush forests, flora, and fauna, giving trekkers and nature buffs an unforgettable experience with nature at its best. A showcase of nature conservation and ecological balance, it is home to exotic birds as a declared bird sanctuary. A joint project of the Japanese OISCA organization and the city government of Dipolog, the forest park is located at Pamansalan, barangay Diwan, 28 kilometers or a 40-minute drive from the city proper. Continue reading

Gintung Pakpak Ecopark in Pampanga

Gintung Pakpak Ecopark Mount Arayat Pampanga Retreat House Ecology Park Ignition Worship Faith Healing Center Location The Gintung Pakpak Ecopark is located on the slopes of Mount Arayat in Pampanga Province. Founded in October 1969 by Angelito Gomez, the Gintung Pakpak Retreat House is a peace and beauty welcoming those who seek to deepen their relationship with God, and dedicated to retreats and spiritual direction in the tradition The Retreat House offers a variety of silent retreats for clergy, religious, and laity. The retreats are given in the Ignition tradition by an experienced staff religious, and lay spiritual directors. The retreats are open to anyone, regardless of parish or faith affiliation. We offer our individually directed retreats in the Ignition tradition—that is to say that retreat ants agree to abstain from conversation during their stay, except during the daily meetings with their spiritual director and participation in the celebration of Eucharist. Continue reading

Bumbungan Eco-Park in Cavinti

Bumbungan Eco-Park in Cavinti, LagunaBumbungan Eco-Park is a water spillway and wet bridge that was converted into a picnic grove. It is conducive for group bonding, party area, and rest area even for overnight stay after conquering the Cavinti Falls.  The spilling water on the road is conducive for skimboarding and other related activity. The tourist center is housed here.  The park offers an alternative for the visitors to the falls giving a shorter access to the falls from land and opening the upper Bumbungan River for hiking for interested individuals. Huts are rented out for picnickers and a viewing deck is also available for safely viewing Nakulo Falls, the uppermost waterfall of Pagsanjan Falls, and the top of the hidden second tier of Pagsanjan Falls. A long stairway and some rappeling takes visitors down to the floor of the gorge where they can take the raft that go Continue reading

Lantawan Eco Park in Kitcharao

Lantawan Eco Park Kitcharao Lake Mainit Agusan del NorteThe Lantawan Ecopark is located in Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte province. This area is endowed with eye catching natural landscape and panoramic view of Lake Mainit. It is located in the borderline of Barangay San Roque and Sitio Little Baguio of Barangay Crossing with an elevation of 150 meters above the lake. It has an area of 477 hectares of forest land within the Kitcharao Reserve and Communal Forest. The area is planted and surrounded with exotic and secondary grown natural species of trees. Lately, this area was declared as Regional Nursery of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. In some parts of the area are the constructed training center, 3 kiosks, nursery building, communication facilities, animal rescue center access roads going to the lake and Continue reading

Lumondo Waterfalls & Eco Park

Lumondo Waterfalls and EcoparkThe Lumondo Waterfalls and Ecopark is located at Barangay Budingin, Municipality of Alegria is just 2 kilometers from the Poblacion. One will be awed by the huge volume of water cascading into a 45 meter granite precipice a majestic panorama which can be viewed from a misty mountain trail. Continue reading