The Amandaraga Falls in Lawaan

Amandaraga Falls Lawaan Eastern Samar bulusao River location waterfalls hiking trail water size swimming length river basin camping depth stream creek height distance flow tour picnic bathing nature Amandaraga Falls is located in Lawaan in Eastern Samar Province. It was named Amandaraga because its waters looked like a maiden’s flowing hair. The term ‘daraga’ means maiden’). The Amandaraga Waterfalls cascades and flows into the Bulusao River, which is suitable for various water sports. Continue reading

Divinuvo Island in Eastern Samar

Divinuvo Island Borongan Eastern Samar White Beach Location Kilometer Size Distance Trees Resort Scuba Diving Swimming Snorkeling Tour Boat Guide Population Directions Hotel Transport History Fishing Divinuvo Island is a three-square kilometer island located in Barangay Lalawigan in Borongan, Eastern Samar province. Divinuvo Island has beaches which have crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, multi-colored fish and corals beneath; best suited for scuba diving and swimming. Continue reading

Tubabao Island in Eastern Samar

Tubabao Island Guiuan Eastern Samar Refugee Camp Russians International Organization Bolshevik Revolution World War History American Navy Base White Beach Resort Nature Location Boat Ride Tour ForestTubabao Island is located in Guiuan, Eastern Samar province, and was a refugee camp island for 6,000 Russians of the International Refugee Organization who escaped from the Bolshevik Revolution in 1949 and 1950. During World War II, the Americans built their biggest naval base in the country in Guiuan and set up military facilities in Tubabao and other places. In 1951, the White Russians left Tubabao for the United States, Australia or other countries. This island is now considered as a great spot for nature getaways. To get there, you need to take a five minute boat ride from the port of Guiuan where you can see a number of mangrove forests along your way. When you arrive at the island, you’ll be surprised to find yourself in a veritable paradise. Continue reading

Sapao Beach in Guiuan

Sapao Beach Guiuan Eastern Samar Location Sand Jagged Volcanic Rocks Shoreline White Seashells Distance Airport Resort Pictures History Discovery Island Shells Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving Tour Sapao Beach is located 14 kilometers from Guiuan in Eastern Samar. Sapao Beach is dotted with jagged volcanic rocks, but there is a shoreline with white sand and shells of various kinds and colors. Sapao Beach is only three minutes away from the airport and five minutes away from Guiuan. Continue reading

Navy Base 3149 in Guiuan

Navy Base 3149 Ngolos Guiuan Eastern Samar Military Airfield Runway Camp American Camp History World War Navy Base 3149 Base is located in Ngolos, Eastern Samar, about 23 kilometers from Guiuan. Navy Base 3149 was built by US Navy Seabees and was a military base of the American soldiers of WWII. This location was selected because of its vital space, coral, and building conditions to become the enormous base that would eventually hold 32,000 SeaBees and scores of flight, administrative, and other personnel. The 93rd and 61st Seabee Battalions began to arrive on December 1st, 1944 and broke ground on the 6th, despite almost constant rain (averaging .66 inches per day that December). The air strip was constructed over a swamp, requiring a massive transport of fill. Those who said the area could not sustain runways were proven wrong by the intrepid Bees, and on December 18, a Fairchild L-3 Continue reading

Calicoan Island in Guiuan

Calicoan Island Guiuan Eastern Samar White Sand Beach Surfing Paradise Forest Wetlands Fishing Snorkeling Scuba Diving Calicoan Island is located in Guiuan in Eastern Samar. Calicoan Island boasts of miles of white sand beaches. With powerful swells rolling in from the Pacific over the 10,000 meters Philippine Deep, Calicoan is a surfer’s paradise. The season for the best waves is generally from October to March. In the middle of the island are six lagoons ringed by forest, the largest being 30 hectares in size. At the cliffside margin of Calicoan’s forests are dozens of caves. On the northern tip of Calicoan are wetlands like the Everglades, teeming with fish, shrimp, and crabs. The rich diversity of the area is evident when one sees the exotic species being sold. The surrounding waters support several marine based industries such as fish, seaweed, and pearl farming. Continue reading

Sulangan Beach in Guiuan Eastern Samar

Sulangan Beach Guiuan Eastern Samar Island Windsurfing Golden Cowry Sea Shells Fishing Scuba Diving Snorkeling LocationSulangan Beach is located on the southeastern tip of Samar island. A popular place for windsurfers, the beach is part of the municipality of Guiuan in Eastern Samar province. The rare and valuable Golden Cowry Shell can be found in Sulangan beach. Sulagan Beach is an ideal site for deep fishing , scuba diving; snorkling multi-coloured schools of
fish are a common sight. The water is shallow and warm for 50 metres or more and then opens out to the reef where fish and excitement is plentiful. Sulangan Beach is located 24 kilometers from Guiuan. Continue reading

Kantican Island in Eastern Samar

Kantican Island Pearl Guiuan Eastern Samar Culture Farm Snorkeling Scuba Diving Location Swimming Beach Corals PacificKantican Island, also known as Pearl Island, is located in Guiuan, in Eastern Samar Province. It is a pearl culture farm; haven of rich marine life such as lobsters, shells, fishes, abalones, corals; clear blue waters and immaculately white coral beach; perfect site for scuba diving, fishing and swimming. This tiny place is becoming famous for snorkeling and scuba diving with its rich marine life along the 52 hectares fish sanctuary. It was developed in 1972 as pearl farm of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). The crystal-clear seawater surrounding the island is the home of an assortment of marine life such as giant clamps, different species of corals, lobster, multi-colored small fishes usually seen in aquariums, shells, seaweed. With the absence of accommodation facilities in the island, visitors usually stay overnight Continue reading

Hamorawon Spring in Borongan

Hamorawon Spring Borongan Eastern Samar Spanish Stone Park Water Natural Flow Location Pictures Boronganon Temperature TourHamorawon Spring is located in Borongan, Eastern Samar. Surrounded by Spanish built stone, the spring is found at the heart of Borongan and is said to be a miraculous natural spring. Legend has it that whoever takes a bath at this spring, specially foreigners, will leave the town with a Borongan wife. The Hamorawon Park is located at the center of the city proper and can easily be found by the presence of a giant acacia tree beside it. This park contains a stylized version of a concrete giant clamshell which serves as the city’s cultural stage where social presentations are held. Below this giant clamshell flows the Hamorawon natural spring, the only one in the entire province of Eastern Samar. This is a naturally-occurring freshwater spring that flows from the very center of the city towards Continue reading

Homonhon Island in Eastern Samar

Homonhon Island Guiuan Eastern Samar Beach Ferdinand Magellan Cross Landing Site Suluan Location Tour Surf BoatHomonhon Island is where Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan first set foot on Philippine soil on March 16, 1521. Homonhon is located off (and is part of) the municipality of Guiuan and is located in the province of Eastern Samar, 60 nautical miles from Tacloban. At this site, a wild moss-covered cove gently exposed to the curious eyes of tourists and researchers an original stone carved with the name of Magellan and recognized by the Philippine Historical Commission as the exact place of the Magellan Landing. The stone ranks with the Plymouth Rock of pilgrims and famed for its priceless and historical value. In 1958, the then Samar Governor Decoroso Rosales erected the Magellan Cross to mark the spot, but eventually as the years passed most of the markings had vanished. The natives of Homonhon, and recently the local government Continue reading