Mount Pinatubo Documentary

Nova In the Path of a Killer VolcanoThis video takes you into the middle of a terrifying rescue scene. Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines is about to erupt. Hundreds of thousands of people live in the middle of the volcano’s path. Is there time to safely evacuate the townspeople before the volcano erupts? Nova beautifully captures the fear and astonishing footage of the world’s largest volcanic eruption in 80 years. Continue reading

Explore Manila to Mindanao – BBC Documentary

BBC TravelSimon Reeve leads a team of journalists on a journey of discovery in the Philippines, from the staggering scenery of the mountainous rice terraces in the north, to the war-torn Muslim regions of the south.

In the capital, Manila, population pressure has led to some surprising consequences. The city’s largest cemetery has become home to a thriving community, who look after the tombs of the rich but also have their own schools and shops. The country is still in some political turmoil and a long-running communist insurgence has led to allegations of illegal killings by the army. Simon meets a general known as ‘The Butcher’. Continue reading

Banged Up Abroad – Prisoner of Love

Banged Up Abroad ManilaBanged Up Abroad (also known as Locked Up Abroad for the National Geographic Channel) is a documentary docudrama television series on British television which features stories of people who have been arrested traveling abroad.
“Prisoner of Love” (Season 8, Episode 3) aired in 2011, and is about the story of Briton David Scott, who finding his soulmate in the Philippines – and risks a 14-year prison sentence for adultery. Watch the full episode, aired on National Geographic TV, below: Continue reading