Rocks of Dingalan in Aurora

Rocks Dingalan Tanawan Aurora Province Boulder Black Igneous Mountain Volcanic Prehistoric History Origin Landscape Location Camping Hiking Trail River Trek Waterfalls Stone Pebbles Volcano Size Info The Rocks of Dingalan are located in Tanawan, Dingalan in Aurora Province. They are large boulders of black igneous rock which litter the mountainside all the way from the borders of the province, despite the absence of volcanoes in the area. Some local residents suggest that the rocks must date back to prehistoric times, since they’ve been there as long as the residents’ ancestors could remember. To get to the Dingalan rocks, take any bus going to Tanawan from Cabanatuan or Nueva Ecija; Travel Time is approximately two hours. Continue reading

Paltic Falls in Dingalan

Paltic Falls Dingalan Aurora Waterfalls Inter Pacific Forest Resource Corporation Nursery Stream Water Height River Depth Swimming Pool Basin Location Trees Hiking Trail Tour Guide History Kamagong The Paltic Falls are located in Dingalan in Aurora Province. Formally known as the Inter-Pacific Forest Resource Corporation (IFRC) Nursery & Falls, the nursery is used to raise hardwood for replanting logged areas. Trees such as narra, kamagong, mahogany, kapok, yantoc and others are planted in small plastic bags and lined up underneath larger trees that provide shade and moisture to the young trees. Not far from this nursery is a stream that leads to two falls, one about 15 feet high and the other about 20 feet high. The falls, approximately 50 meters apart, form pools that are perfect for swimming or relaxing after a poolside picnic. To get to the Paltic Waterfalls, from the town proper, it is possible to reach the site on foot or by any private vehicle. It takes 15 minutes to get to the falls by vehicle. Continue reading