Dinalupihan War Monument in Bataan

Dinalupihan First Line Defense Layac Junction Dinalupihan Bataan Marker Monument Landmark World War Philippines American Troops Japanese Invasion Rotunda Statues Allied Soldiers 38Th Infantry Division The First Line of Defense Marker is located at the Rotunda in Layac, Dinalupihan in Bataan Province. The First Line of Defense Marker marks the first strong line of defense of combined Philippines USAFFE Troops against Japanese invasion during World War II. Symbolic of the tragedy that befell Bataan and the gallantry of Filipino and American heroes who restored our country and people to a government of free peoples is a monument in the center of rotunda in Layac, Dinalupihan, Bataan. This monument features life size statues of the Allied troops and was erected by the 38th Infantry division, Army of the United States, in memory of the defenders of Bataan, living and dead, including the 38th Tank Company of Harrodburg, Kentucky, a unit of said division, in December 1941 to February 1942. Continue reading

Layac Junction War Memorial in Dinalupihan

Layac Junction War Memorial DinalupihanThe first Layac Junction War Memorial was a monument erected at the center of the rotunda in Layac, Dinalupihan in 1946. It symbolized the tragedy that befell Bataan and the gallantry of Filipino and American soldiers who restored democracy in the country. It was built by the 38th Infantry Division, of the United States Army, in memory of the defenders of Bataan who fought the Japanese Army in the area between December 1941 to February 1942. The monument also marked the total liberation of Dinalupihan and Bataan, in general, on February 25, 1945. It was especially dedicated to the following military units who participated in the so-called Battle of Zigzag Pass. The units include the 149th Infantry, 151st Infantry, 152nd Infantry, 113rd Engineer Combat Battalion, 38th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, 138th Field Artillery Battalion, Continue reading

Dinalupihan Nature Center in Bataan

Dinalupihan Nature Center BataanThe Dinalupihan Nature Center is a forest reservation ideal for picnics and camping activities. Located in Dinalupihan, Bataan Province, the cool water of the pool offers a fun place for visitors bent on having a dip. For the more adventurous they can go jungle trekking. To savor the best out of this place, visitor may stay at the specially designated camping grounds or rent one of the shanties for overnight stay. Dinalupihan Nature Center is 102 kilometers from Manila which takes 2-hour drive and 2 km from Balanga which takes less than 2-hour drive.

Ambala Aytas

Zambales ProvinceThe Aytas are called Negritos for their dark skin and kinky hair. They landed on the archipelago more than 30,000 thousand years ago and are thought to be the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines. The Negritos share some physical features with African pygmy populations.

Nowadays, rare is the Ayta wearing traditional clothing: the bahag (loincloth) for men and wraparound skirts for women. They now use urban attire. Ayta women are skilled in weaving, plaiting, and producing household containers, rattan hammocks, and winnowing baskets of excellent quality. Nomadic Ayta build temporary settlements made of indigenous materials, such as forked sticks, palm or banana leaves, cogon, and bamboo.

The Ambala Aytas live in San Marcelino, Subic City, Olongapo, and Castillejos in Zambales; and Dinalupihan in Continue reading