The Islanders Castle in San Jose

Islanders Castle San Jose Dinagat Mansion Residence Owner Governor Glenda Ecleo Location Size History Construction House Hill Barangay Visit Tour Guide Corruption Politics Layout Map Driveway Islanders Castle is located in San Jose in the Dinagat Islands Province. Islanders Castle sits on the top of the hills of San Jose. It is a mansion privately owned by Governor Glenda Ecleo. It is not open to the general public but they allow tourists to take pictures outside the gates of the Castle. Continue reading

Oasis Islet in Dinagat

Oasis Islet Dinagat Islands Limestone Water Beach Resort Ocean Location Paradise Cove Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving Surf Tide Hotel Tour Guide Visit Sand History Barangay Boat Distance Sports Oasis Islet is located in the Dinagat Islands Province. Oasis Islet is located where towering limestones surrounded by emerald green to bluish green waters are scattered on the sea. There are many uninhabited islands with paradise-like beaches partially enclosed by coves of all sizes. You’ll never run out of secluded spots to hang out, swim and snorkel. Area wise, Oasis Islet is small in size; It will take less than a minute to circle around this tiny piece of land, but the priceless views of nature visible from here are definitely worth the stop. Continue reading

Lake Bababu on Basilisa Island

Lake Bababu Basilisa Dinagat Agusan Del Norte Island Province Puerto Princesa Melgar Cebuano Baba Buwaya Crocodile Mouth Cove Inlet Beach Trail Hiking Granite Wall Underwater Cave Entrance Water Boat Lake Bababu is located on Basilisa Island, Dinagat in Agusan del Norte Province. Lake Babu is situated between Puerto Princesa and Melgar in Basilisa. Lake Bababu’s name was derived from the Cebuano words ‘baba sa buwaya,’ or crocodile’s mouth, referring to the shape of the Babas Cove, the inlet that funnels to a small white-sand beach where the lake trail begins. This mountain lake is a sight to behold, the steep descent (and ascent) add thrill to an avid adventurer. Surrounded by huge wall of granite, small underwater caves are in great abundance in the region of Lake Babu. Lush vegetation dominates the virginal periphery. Lake Bababu has an underwater channel connected to the sea, thereby feeding the lake with saltwater from below while fresh water at the top remains uninterrupted. Continue reading

Dinagat Festival in Cordova

Bakasi Festival Cordova CebuThe Dinagat Festival, formerly known as the Bakasi Festival, is held annually in August in Cordova, Cebu. During this celebration, Cordovanhons honor Sr. San Roque, the municipality Patron Saint. This festival is held in honor of the sea, Dinagat defined as pertaining to the sea. This festival is the time of the year when the townsfolk show their gratitude for bountiful harvest they have received from the sea. This is because the main livelihood of Cordova has always been, then and now, fishing. The festival was lunched in 2009. In the festival, the dance of the participants depict the gliding movement of the Bakasi. Other attractions of the event also include the Bakasi race as well as a cooking contest to showcase the many ways of cooking and Continue reading

Dinagat Islands Province

Babas Cove Dinagat IslandsDinagat Islands is the 81st and the newest created province of the Philippines. It is located on the southern side of Leyte Gulf. It is bounded on the east by the Philippine Sea, on the south by Gaboc Channel and Nonoc Island; and on the west by Surigao Strait. Its main island, Dinagat, is about 60 km from north to south. The highest points of the province are Mt. Kambinliw and Mt. Redondo, found in the northern and southern part of the municipality of Loreto. The province of Dinagat is composed of 7 municipalities with Loreto as the largest municipality and Dinagat as the smallest municipality in terms of land area. San Jose is the capital of the province and is where the headquarters of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Inc. (PBMA) is located. PBMA is a non-sectarian organization bounded by a Continue reading

Natural Bonsai Forest on Dinagat Island

Natural Bonsai ForestOne of the many wonders found in the province of Dinagat Island is the Natural Bonsai forest, most amazing and extra-ordinary. You will be amazed of its physical appearance that lies on an estimated hundreds of hectares of mountain ranges of Babaeng Bukid, Bil-at Daku and Gamay and in other peak of Dinagat Islands Continue reading