Bandera Peak in Dalaguete

Bandera Peak Dalaguete CebuExplore this newly discovered trail. The entire family can trek along the inner secrets of the mountains of untold legends and historical sites. The trail starts off at Mag-alambak Garden and the way in is marked by the “Tres Marias” – the guardians of the forest. “ Legend has it, that three lovely sisters have been betrothed to a mighty giant whose abode encompasses the peaks overlooking the ocean. The sisters refused to marry the giant for fear of slavery. As they tried to flee, the angry giant cast a spell and turned them into three black rocks. Through the passage of time, the rocks which are now lying under the trees, along a grassy slope, though all covered with moss and tiny vegetation and has become a habitat for small insects, still projects the aura of the three sisters. Since then they have been considered by the locals as the guardians of the Continue reading

Banana Meat from Dalaguete

Banana Meat DalagueteIn Dalaguete, deep-fried bananas (ripe cardava variety), immaculately stuffed with prime ground meat would seemingly grow on trees every fiesta. These potassium rich bananas have amazed many famished eaters and undaunted visitors. At first sight it looks just like your ordinary “pritong saging”. At first bite, it’s a culinary wonder: soft, sweet and juicy outside, meaty and spicy inside. Appetizer, main dish or dessert, the Banana Meat can be found in every table during fiesta – only in Dalaguete. It’s so easy to prepare and it has become a mainstay in many households on fiestas, holidays and special occasion buffets. It has become as much a tradition as the lechon. It’s not for vegetarians but it’s the ultimate banana experience one can never have enough of Continue reading

Obong Spring in Dalaguete

Obong Spring Dalaguete CebuThe Obong Spring is located in Dalaguete, Cebu. It is a fresh water spring which emanates near the beach. Because of steady outpour of water, a pool of freshwater meets the sea especially when the tide is high and the water become brackish. So, that’s the explanation behind such mystery. The spring is in the humble municipality of Dalaguete, where Dalakit trees are found. One local legend narrates how the town got its name. Accordingly, Spaniard soldiers passed the place where a woman took her bath. The visitors asked the name of the place. The woman got the wrong idea, thinking they were asking the name of the tree where Spaniards were standing, she answered “Dalakit” and eventually recorded as “Dalaguete. Amazing enough, the big and almost a century-old dalakit tree is still remained standing near the Obong Spring. Continue reading

Osmena Peak in Dalaguete

Osmena Peak Dalaguete CebuOsmena Peak is known to be the highest peak in the province and Island of Cebu. Base on actual GPS altitude, it stand approximately 1000 meters above sea level. Osmena peak is located in the vicinity area of Mantalungon, (a town that is around 700 to 800 meters and probably one of the highest towns in Cebu. Mantalungon has been known as the vegetable kingdom of Cebu. Its really unusual finding this town where you feel it was like an area in the Cordilleras were they have their trading post for vegetable dealers and townfolks and children are wearing jackets at high noon, similar to Baguio City and La Trinidad. Osmena Peak is uniquely different from any other mountain peaks in the Philippines. Multiple jagged hills, or quite simply known as the Mantalungon range, are Continue reading

Utanon Festival in Dalaguete

Utanon Festival Dalaguete CebuUtanon Festival is a festival of music and dance featuring our high value crops and vegetables as a major form of trade, its contribution to the local economy, its role in cultural diversity and its significance as an industry representative of Dalaguetnons as a people in Cebu. The festival shall focus on the concept of the people’s cultural practices of religious worship as thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. It shall become a marketing tool for the promotion of our vegetable industry and gives emphasis that vegetable farming is a sustainable source of livelihood. These economic components shall be coupled with our reputation as a town of music and world class musicians featuring our cultural heritage. This will be held during the Annual celebration of our Patron Saint San Guillermo de Aquitania on February. Continue reading