Bagasbas Beach in Daet

Bagasbas Beach Daet Camarines Norte Resthouse Pavilion Location Water Sand Resort Surf Tide Sports Snorkeling Depth Scuba Diving Hotel Location Distance Boat Tour Guide Barangay Visit Fishing Bagasbas Beach is located in Daet in Camarines Norte Province. Bagasbas Beach is the most popular beach in the province of Camarines Norte and has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. A haven for swimmers and beach party enthusiasts for its fine gray sand and cool waters. Its September to January waves are big and wild that make it ideal for surfing. By its shores stand the Provincial Resthouse and the Open Pavillion where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the blue Pacific and off shore islands. Bagasbas could be reached by a 10 minute ride on any type of motor vehicle from the poblacion of Daet. Continue reading

The Mampurog River in Daet

Mampurog River Daet Camarines Norte Location Size Depth Camping Hiking Trail Boat Swimming Fishing Camping Sports Picnic Stream Length History Resort Creek Description Elevation Fish Water The Mampurog River is located in San Lorenzo Ruiz, Daet in Camarines Norte Province. The Mampurog River is considered the most popular river resort in the province because of its crystal-clear water, long span hanging bridge and with lush foliage inherent in the place. It is one of the cleanest bodies of water in the entire country, and is suitable for swimming and diving. You can rent a small open hut there to set up your food and items while there. It is a popular destination because of its proximity to the capital town of Daet. The Mampurog River is located southwest of Daet and one kilometer away from the Daet San-Lorenzo Ruiz Road. Continue reading

The Kalayaan Park in Daet

Kalayaan Park Daet Camarines Norte Province Freedom Park Provincial Capitol Ground Landscape Trees Walkway Lagoon Fountain Open Air Theater Landscape Artwork Murals Statue Jose Rizal Wenceslao Vinzons Kalayaan Park is located in Daet in Camarines Norte Province. Also known as the Freedom Park, Kalayaan Park is situated on the Provincial Capitol grounds. Visitors can enjoy the shade of the park’s trees and the sights of the lagoon, the fountain, the open air theater and surrounding landscape. Artwork at the park includes the many murals at the facade and the 9-foot statue of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal and local hero Wenceslao Q. Vinzons. Wenceslao Q. Vinzons was the only Bicolano who rose to national prominence at a young age and displayed an unparallel leadership and heroism. Continue reading

Pineapple Festival in Daet

Pineapple Festival DaetThe Pineapple Festival (or “Pinyasan” as it is called by the locals) is considered to be the most colorful festival in Camarines Norte. The festival started in 1992, and is about the province’s prime agricultural product, the “Queen of Formosa” pineapple. Noted for its sweetness and flavor, this kind of pineapple is produced only in Camarines Norte, thereby making it a specialty in the province. The festival goes on for about 10 days, featuring unique arts and culture through agro-industrial fair, beauty tilt, historical/cultural presentations and different sports events. The celebration is highlighted by a parade of lavishly Continue reading

Camarines Norte Province

Camarines Norte ProvinceCamarines Norte is one of the six provinces that make up the Bicol Region, and it serves as the gateway to the Bicol Region from the rest of Luzon. It is bounded by Quezon Province on the southwest and Camarines Sur on the south. Along its coastlines, the province faces Basiad Bay on the west, the Pacific Ocean on the north, and the San Miguel Bay on the east.

Camarines Norte is composed of 12 municipalities, namely: Basud, Capalonga, Daet, Jose Panganiban, Labo, Mercedes, Paracale, San Lorenzo Ruiz, San Vicente, Sta.Elena, Talisay and Vinzons; Continue reading