Palawan Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Center

Crocodile Farm and Nature ParkFormerly and more popularly known as the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park, it serves now as the sanctuary of the Philippine Crocodile that is endemic to the country. The Philippine Crocodile is currently included in the endangered species list and the conservation center is making ways to increase the number of the species. Aside from crocodiles, the center takes care of other animals like ostriches and other endemic animals to the island of Palawan like the bearcat. Palawan Wildlife Rescue is located south of the Puerto Princesa City center about 30 minutes to the rural south of the city and is a few minutes from the Iwahig Penal Farm. At the entrance of the park, a signage of the Continue reading

Crocodile Sanctuary in Isabela

Philippine CrocodileSan Mariano houses a gallery of spectacles ranging from its flora and fauna to the diverse river systems and waterfall formations. The Philippine Crocodile, a critically endangered species, can be found throughout the length of the river and creeks of San Mariano. Most of the conservation efforts focus on the municipality of San Mariano in Isabela Province, where three distinct crocodile breeding areas have been identified with a total minimum population of 31 non-hatchling crocodiles in 2003. San Mariano covers a large upland area from the foothills to the peaks of the Northern Sierra Madre Mountains. A former logging town, many of its inhabitants are recent immigrants who were employed by logging companies and stayed when commercial logging was banned in the early 1990s. Continue reading