The Tahiti Festival in Magpet

Tahiti Festival Magpet Cotabato Grass Manobo Celebration August Schedule Calendar Date Theme Events Meaning Location History Fiesta Origins Pageant Lineup Parade Costumes Props Miss Photos Broom The Tahiti Festival is held annually in Magpet in Cotabato Province. The Tahiti Festival is an annual celebration of the vast production of soft brooms and handicrafts making use of tahitl grass which become the main product of the Manobos in the Municipality of Magpet. The Tahiti Festival is usually held in August of each year. Continue reading

The Sang’ngawan Falls in Makilala

Sang’ngawan Falls Batasan Makilala Cotabato Malasila River Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length Sangngawan Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Spring Hot Tour Sulfur Pool The Sang’ngawan Falls is located in Batasan, Makilala in Cotabato Province. The Sang’ngawan Waterfalls has a collection of hot and cold natural pools that are found along the Malasila River. There are two natural pools, and its hot sulfuric pools are known for having some healing effects. Continue reading

The Kawayanan Festival in M’lang

Kawayanan Festival In M'lang CotabatoThe Kawayanan Festival is held annually in M’lang in Cotabato Province. The Kawayanan Festival is celebrated during the first week of December in the Municipality of M’lang featuring the municipal thanksgiving day, lechon sa kawayan contest, bamboo showcase, cultural show and various sports events. Continue reading

The Kirongdong Falls in Magpet

Kirongdong Falls Kinarum Magpet Cotabato Rainforest Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature The Kirongdong Falls & Rainforest is located in Kinarum, Magpet in Cotabato Province. The Kirongdong Waterfalls measures 80 meters tall and is surrounded by mountain ranges and cliffs. Magpet is located on the eastern part of Cotabato Province and is at the foot of Mount Apo. It is near Kidapawan City and Arakan. Continue reading

The Grand Mosque of Cotabato

Grand Mosque Cotabato Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid Muslim Building Hallislam Kalanganan Construction Size Location Brunei Architecture Islamic Landmark Visit Tour Worship Distance Mecca Koran The Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid, also known as the Grand Mosque of Cotabato, is the largest mosque in the Philippines. The structure is located in Barangay Kalanganan in Cotabato City and was funded by Hassanal Bolkiah the Sultan of Brunei . Considered to be a masterpiece of islamic architecture, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid or the Grand Mosque now stands as a landmark in Cotabato City. Located at Barangay Kalangan II, it was named after the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Bolkiah who donated a huge amount just so this architectural wonder and place of worship materializes in Cotabato City. This mosque is now the most visited place of worship and a top tourist destination in Cotabato City. Continue reading

The Kalivungan Festival in Cotabato

Kalivungan Festival Cotabato Celebration Calendar Date Schedule Events Province Christian Muslim Lumad Maenuvu Gathering Fiesta Week Ethnic Dance Ritual Music Parade Games Tradition Activity Costume The Kalivungan Festival is held annually in Cotabato Province and celebrates the harmonious relations and the strong union that binds the province’s Tri-People: the Christians, Muslims and the Lumads. Kalivungan is a Maenuvu word which means “Gathering” or “Festival”. Kalivungan is the name of the province’s annual founding anniversary of the Province

of Cotabato. It features a week long celebration highlighting cultural presentation, ethnic dances, rituals, music and native games showcasing the unique cultures and traditions of Cotabateños. A grand Festival filled with fun and exciting activities, feast of abundance and thanksgiving that encourages and ensures active participation and involvement of all people from the different sectors of society, thus strengthens the commitment towards culture harmony, peace and Continue reading

Kitu-Bao Cave in Cotabato

Kitu Bao Cave Alamada Cotabato Province Entrance Cavern Hiking Location Trail Exit Map Size Rocks Underground Water River Wildlife Bats Pictures Tour Guide History Discovery Barangay Transport The Kitu-Bao Cave is located in Alamada, Cotabato Province. The Kitu-Bao Cave has one entrance but three different exit points. Underground water, swallow birds, bats and other unknown insects can be found inside this cave. Continue reading

Mahomanoy Mountain Resort in Kidapawan

Mahomanoy Mountain Resort Lake Agco Ilomavis Kidapawan City Mount Apo Cotabato Province Heat Hot Spring Thermal Swimming Mud Pool Sauna Facilities Location Entrance Fee Tour Guide Hours Hiking Trail Mahomanoy Mountain Resort is located at the foot of Mount Apo in Ilomavis, Kidapawan City, Cotabato Province. The resort started in 2003 with just one pool. With the growing local and foreign visitors each year, more pools were developed by the local IP community using the heat from nearby hotsprings and Agco lake. For an entrance fee of 30 PHP, you can enjoy the two swimming pools, hot mud pool, and sauna. The pool is big and deep enough for swim racing with your family and friends. The Mahomanoy Mountain Resort is located about 2 1/2 hours away from Davao City. If you are from Davao City, Take a Van going to Kidapawan, the terminal is at SM or Gaisano Mall which will cost you 180.00Php. As you arrive to Kidapawan the simplest way to go is to have a tricycle take you to terminal going to Continue reading

Lake Luningning in Arakan

Lake Luningning Ganatan Arakan Cotabato Province Size Area Depth Water Underground Spring Swimming Location Hiking Trail Fishing History Description Boat Rental Wildlife Fish Pictures Barangay Info Lake Luningning is located in Ganatan, Arakan in Cotabato Province. An estimated area of 4 hectares, Lake Luningning’s depth is 30 meters of clear water, hence it has an underground spring that provides the lake and sustain even during good season. Continue reading

The Pidlanan Falls in Magpet

Pidlanan Falls Magkaalam Magpet Cotabato Mount Apo Province Region Waterfalls Picnic Camping Area Mountain Water Height Length River Depth Hiking Trail Location Elevation Swimming Distance History The Pidlanan Falls are located at Magkaalam, Magpet in Cotabato Province, in the Mount Apo region. The Pidlanan falls is a favorite picnic area of local residents. It is lined with huge rocks and the mountain waters drops 40 feet in height. Pidlanan falls has an elevation of 1,020 meters above sea level. Continue reading