Banol Beach in Coron

Banol Beach CoronBanol Beach is small but upon it beautiful beach located on Coron island in the Philippines. The town of Coron is actually situated on the island of Busuanga. Banol Beach is a popular attraction when visiting the Calamian Islands. Its pristine beach, very fine and white sand and the perfectly crystal clear water define Banol Beach. Banol is best for kayaking, lunch by the sea and other beach activities. Banol Beach is surrounded beautiful limestone rocks. Water is incredibly blue and transparent, You here even see small fish, jellyfish, and the sand is finer and brighter than Boracay. Banol Beach is Favorites place so-called ‘Island hopping and also Favorites and ideal place to picnic. Entry to Banol Beach is 100 pesos.

Bogor Marine Park in Coron

Bogor Marine ParkBogor Marine Park is a large marine park encompassing over 20 hectares of fringing coral reef adjoining Bogor Island near the northern coast of Culion Island. The sanctuary and adjacent reefs are frequented by divers who consider the area as one of the most best diving spots. The local governments of the Calamianes actively promote marine conservation through the development of aquatic parks that preserves the biodiversity of native fish and marine species. The island chain is home to several celebrated marine sanctuaries where visitors can swim and snorkel among protected seawaters that shelter a wide variety of tropical aquatic and coral species.

Twin Lagoons in Coron

Twin Lagoons CoronLocated in the midst of majestic cliffs, a two and a half meters wide hole connects two beautiful lagoons in Coron, Palawan. During high tide, it is an exciting adventure to swim through the hole; During low tide the hole can be seen and is easier to swim through. Known as Twin Lagoons, the first lagoon is where the boats dock, while the second lagoon is hidden, the only access of which is a small crevice underneath the rock, or during high tide, a ladder over the rock. One may notice that the waters in the twin lagoons may sometimes be blurry, this is caused by the meeting of the salt water and fresh water. The temperature of the waters in the Twin Lagoons also alternates between warm and Continue reading

Decalve Marine Park in Coron

Sangat Island Coral GardenDecalve Marine Park is located in Coron, Palawan. The sanctuary encompasses three marine habitats featuring mangrove-lined coastal fringes and extensive seabed of coral reefs and seagrass. The protected area includes the Sangat Island Coral Garden and the Sangat Gunboat Wreck, where visitors can snorkel amidst a submerged Japanese World War II boat and view the abundant marine life that inhabit the wreck.

Asia Grand View Hotel in Coron

Asia Grand View Hotel PalawanAsia Grand View Hotel is a chic property, with its restaurant and viewdeck overlooking the breathtaking Coron Bay makes for an ideal venue for unparalleled relaxation. Set 1.0Km away from the Coron Town and the docking area for Island Hopping and only 35 minutes away from the Busuanga Airport. Experience the enchanting Palawan Island lifestyle with nature, elegance, and comfort combined with personalized Asian hospitality. The hotel sets guests to an experience that is happy, memorable and enjoyable. This hotel is for eco-tourism and bird sanctuary. Designed as 3 different villages, Asia Grand View Hotel launches the first phase of its exciting resorts in Coron, inspired by the contemporary Asian arts, crafts and Continue reading

Marile Coral Garden in Coron

Marile Coral Garden PalawanThe Marile Coral Garden is located nearby the famed Lusong gunboat wreck and offers visitors a vibrant collection of aquatic life that dwell alongside a diverse array of brightly multicolored coral reefs. For many years the family living at the Marile shores protected the corals from poachers and illegal fishers, and planted giant clams. This enchanting underwater paradise has become one of the most beautiful in the area. If lucky, one might even spot a sea turtle among the corals. The giant clams, when open, look like and exotic flower, but warning, don’t touch, it could snap close and cut your finger.

Siete Pecados in Coron

Siete Pecados Palawan Siete Pecados is a marine sanctuary in Coron, Palawan composed of seven islets and its surrounding waters. The literal meaning of the name Siete Pecados is “Seven Sins”. The legend has it that seven sister went swimming against their mothers will, all of them drowned and afterwards seven islands appeared. Siete Pecados is considered a very good snorkeling area; the massive corals are a sight to enjoy and the swim among the fish is great excitement. The site is renowned for offering some really amazing geological formations such as limestone karst and various diving spots. It is a protected area and a no fishing zone. Snorkeling is the best way of enjoying the fascinating underwater Continue reading

El Rio y Mar Resort Coron

El Rio y Mar Resort PalawanA charming resort, it is located in Coron Palawan, and offers picturesque views of the calming blue waters, beautiful bay and the hills. Encircled by a tropical ambience, El Rio y Mar Island is a 45 minute flight from Manila to Busuanga and another 30 minutes by land or boat to the resort. With its unique flora and fauna environment, the resort has a romantic ambience combined with the serenity and beauty of the natural environment. The resort is set amidst a 500-meter stretch of pure white-sand beach, distinctive panoramic view with enchanting mangroves, and breathtaking neighboring islands. Guests can also relax in the well-maintained swimming pool with crystal clear waters. El Rio Y Mar Resort is indeed worth a visit! Continue reading

Corto del Mar Hotel in Coron

Corto del Mar Hotel CoronWhether you’re a tourist or traveling on business, Corto del Mar Hotel is a great choice for accommodation when visiting Coron. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. Corto del Mar hotel is located in the heart of Coron town on the island of Busuanga in the north of Palawan. The hotel and its 32 bedrooms and suites have been decorated with taste and character giving the hotel a unique blend of Mediterranean and Filipino feel. With beautiful views over Coron Island, it’s a great place to go explore the gems around whether on banka or motorbike. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. Continue reading

The Tagbanwa Culture

Tagbanuwa, Apurahuano, Tagbanua, Kalamian, Calamiano, Kalamianon, Kalamianen, Tangdula’nen, Silanga’nen, TagbanouaThe Tagbanwa (Tagbanuwa, Apurahuano, Tagbanua, Kalamian, Calamiano, Kalamianon, Kalamianen, Tangdula’nen, Silanga’nen, Tagbanoua) are the more dominant of the ethnic groups of Palawan. Mainly associated with dry regimes of cultivation, they are found in central Palawan and northward of the island. The area of concentrations are in Coron (4,366 NSO 1990), Aborlan (3,115 NSO 1980), and Puerto Princesa (1,415 NSO 1980). The known subgroups in the mainland are (1) Apurahuan, (2) Inagauan, (3) Tandula’nen, and (4) Silanga’nen, while (5) the Kalamianen of the Calamian island group constitute more variable groups that are marine-oriented. The estimated total population is 13,643 (NSO 1990). Continue reading