Marile Coral Garden in Coron

Marile Coral Garden PalawanThe Marile Coral Garden is located nearby the famed Lusong gunboat wreck and offers visitors a vibrant collection of aquatic life that dwell alongside a diverse array of brightly multicolored coral reefs. For many years the family living at the Marile shores protected the corals from poachers and illegal fishers, and planted giant clams. This enchanting underwater paradise has become one of the most beautiful in the area. If lucky, one might even spot a sea turtle among the corals. The giant clams, when open, look like and exotic flower, but warning, don’t touch, it could snap close and cut your finger.

Anilao Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Anilao Scuba DivingLocated in the province of Batangas, it is not only ideal for poking around and observing marine life but also outstanding for macro photography. Multi-hued crinoids are prolific. The variety of nudibranchs is unmatched. Night dives are especially nice and often reveal unusual creatures like sea hares, sea goblins, catfish eels, ghost pipe fishes, blue-ringed octopuses, mandarin fishes, and snake eels. The area’s best known dive site, Cathedral, is two large mounds with a cross in between at 50’. It is a well established fish feeding station. Covered with corals, the site is spectacular at night. Continue reading