The Coffee Bean at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila Restaurant Breakfast Menu Nutrition Calories Salmon Scramble Latte Iced Shop Yogurt Frozen Location Telephone Contact Hours Manager Store The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the Ayala Triangle Gardens is located in Makati City, Manila. Serving more than just coffee and tea, there are actually other scrumptious meals in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf menu. Their breakfast sets such as the Eggs Benedict and the Salmon Scramble are great ways to gear up for a busy day at work. Tea favorites include the chai tea latte and the vanilla Ceylon iced tea. The inviting ambiance of the coffee shop is also ideal for meetups while sipping their beverages and enjoying their snacks. One of the newest additions to their menu are the frozen swirls. The caramel affogato has the right mix of coffee and creamy yogurt. But if you want to try the hazelnut flavor which is not on their menu, all you have to say to the barista is “An Awesome please.” Continue reading