Paradise Ranch at Clark

Paradise Ranch Monicayo Calumpang Sacobia Valley Clark Pampanga Location Freeport Zone Vacation Camping Retreats Rock Climbing Trekking Recreation Outdoor Adventure Zoocobia Fun Vista Montana Pool Paradise Ranch is a Leisure Park and Wildlife Sanctuary and is located at Monicayo in Barangay Calumpang, Sacobia Valley, inside the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga Province. Perfect for field trips, get-away vacation, camping, retreats, rock climbing, trekking, rest and recreation, outdoor adventure and other occasions. Amenities include: Zoocobia Fun Park, Vista Montana Pool, Country Western Clark, villas, lake house, cafe/restaurant, man-made lake, aviary, playfield, butterfly garden, botanical garden, fishing lagoon, picnic huts, cottages, prayer hill, and more. For reservation, contact: Paradise Ranch Admin Office, Tel. No. (63 45) 889-8245/8246/8286 / 625-6698/6696/321-0444/0445 email: Contact Person: Eric Gomez (Executive Director) and Gerry Guiriba (Fund Development Manager) Developer: Philippine Continue reading

Kamikaze West Airfield at Clark

Kamikaze West Airfield Clark Pampanga history location runway construction japanese strip americans military air base field size length world war monument distance aircraft battle perimeter field info The Kamikaze West Airfield is located on the grounds of the former Clark Air Base in Pampanga Province. This airfield was constructed by the Japanese in March 1944. By October 1944, it was operating as the West kamikaze air field during World War II. It was here where the first Kamikaze pilots took-off on 21 October 1944 to attack U.S. naval forces east of the Philippines. This airfield was used by the Kamikaze up to 10 January 1945 when they transferred to Taiwan. On 28 January 1945, American liberation forces captured this airfield as well as the whole of Clark Field. Continue reading

Air Force City Aircraft Park in Clark

Air Force City Aircraft Park Clark Pampanga Base United States American Fighter Jets Recto Avenue Location Display Collection Pictures Exhibit Types Helicopter Airplane Cockpit Map History Description The Air Force City Aircraft Park is located inside the old Clark Air Base in Pampanga Province. The park was developed to give local and foreign visitors to Clark an opportunity to witness the various types of aircraft used by the United States Air Force when Clark Air Base was an active American military installation. The aircraft are all American but the United States Air Force letters were painted over with the Philippine Air Force letters.Air Force City Aircraft Park is located in an open field along CM Recto Avenue. A favorite spot for local and foreign visitors. Continue reading

Clark Air Raid Bunker in Pampanga

Clark Air Raid Bunker Pampanga Kamikaze Tunnel Force Base American West Airfield Babang Dapu World War Commander Taimai Asaichi Japanese Imperial Navy History Description Construction Location Info The Clark Air Raid Bunker is a known kamikaze tunnel located in Clark, Pampanga. Situated at the northwest corner of the Kamikaze west airfield in a hill called “babang dapu” (meaning “crocodile jaw”) as named by the Aetas.This is the only known Kamikaze tunnel that remained intact after World War II. It was constructed quickly as an air raid bunker for Cmdr. Taimai Asaichi – commander of the 201st Air Group, 1st Air Fleet, Imperial Japanese Navy, the very first Kamikaze unit of World War Il. It was constructed in late October 1944 and provided protection for Cmdr. Tamai and some of his Kamikaze pilots during deadly U.S. air raids. A marker was installed by the Clark Development Corporation on September 1, 2002. Continue reading

The Clark International Speedway in Pampanga

Clark International Speedway Pampanga Freeport Zone Race Track Car Drag Racing Motorcycle Length Location Map Terrain Formula Panday Pira Avenue Pulang Lupa Dolores Creek Contact Manager Event Info The Clark International Speedway is located at the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. The facility is a race track for carting and drag racing, motorcycle racing and other special events. The Clark International Speeway, also known as CIS, is the 5th race track in the country and boasts of a 3-km engine track with two long straights and few turns with minimal defined uneven terrains, thereby making all races possible – from motorcycles, superbikes, and underbone, touring cars, drag racing and formula races. The Clark International Speedway is located on Panday Pira Avenue, Sitio Pulang Lupa, Dolores Creek, at the Clark Freeport Zone. Contact Information: Johnny Tan (President) Phone (63 2) 817-2241 / 2336 /3496 / 4988 Continue reading

Clark Parade Ground in Pampanga

Clark Parade Ground Pampanga Pati Aeta Gathering Point Venue Meeting Location Size Air Base American Cavalry Horses Regiment Camp Fort Stotensburg Military Reservation Yard Pasture Land History Info The Clark Parade Ground is one of the most frequented places in Clark often used as site for various sports tourism events, biking, jogging, and walking among others. Located in Pampanga Province, this area was called “Pati” by the Aetas and was then a treeless pastureland. In 1897, during the revolution against Spain, Kapampangan katipuneros used this area as a gathering point for staging attacks against Spanish detachments and patrols. Later a Spanish army outpost was established here but was abandoned in mid 1898 when the Spaniards were defeated by the Filipinos. During the Filipino-American war of 1899-1906, Filipino revolutionary guerillas used this same area to stage successful attacks against American soldiers. It was successfully used by Filipino attackers as a convenient escape route from American pursuers. To put an end to heavy losses on Continue reading

Clark Freeport Zone

Clark AirportClark Air Base was the largest U.S. Military Base outside mainland USA. It was established by the US Cavalry in 1903 as Fort Stotsenburg. Most of Clark then was open fields and jungle. The base grew up around the old cavalry post’s large parade field (now known as the Parade Grounds). It is said that the US Cavalry horses took a liking to grass growing within said area which is why the Parade Grounds served as the nucleus of development of Fort Stotsenburg. You can still visit the Parade Grounds at Clark today, which once upon a time was used as a polo playing field and concert venue by the US Military. Even the graceful old homes with large verandahs, affectionately called barn houses by the former occupants, are still there to remind us of the grandeur and ease of Fort Stotsenburg life. Continue reading