The Cinco de Noviembre Revolution Marker in Silay

Cinco Noviembre Revolution Marker Silay City Negros Occidental Landmark History Political Movement Spanish Negrense Natives Republic Government Location Description Date Construction Monument IslandThe Cinco de Noviembre Revolution Marker is located in Silay City in Negros Occidental Province. The Cinco de Noviembre Revolution landmark was erected in memory of the first uprising of the Negrenses in Silay City during the revolution of 1898. The Negros Revolution was a political movement which established a government in Negros Island, informally ending Spanish control of the island and resulting in a government run by the Negrense natives. The newly established Negros Republic would last for approximately three months until the American forces arrived and took control of the Philippines. In Silay City, where the Revolution Marker is located, it was at this southern end of the street now bearing the historic date where the first exchange of shots took place between the local revolutionaries and the Spanish Continue reading