The Boac Cathedral in Marinduque

Boac Catheral Marinduque Immaculate Conception Monserrat Location History Construction Architecture Layout Parish Schedule Mass Wedding Priest Statue Tour Visit Structure Building Convent Worship The Boac Cathedral is located in Boac City in Marinduque Province. The Boac Cathedral, officially known as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, is the oldest existing structure of Marinduque built in 1580. The earthquake-Baroque architecture was originally called Monserrat de Marinduque later renamed Immaculate Conception Church by Jesuits. Now officially called Boac Cathedral, the retablo main and side altars stand as major feature. Boac is the capital of the island province of Marinduque. It is located 155 kilometers southeast of Manila.

To get to Boac from Manila, take a JAC, Jam, Tritran, Lucena Lines or South Star Bus and take the Manila to Lucena Route. Specifically, choose buses that will take you to the Continue reading

Roman Catholic Church in Atimonan Quezon

Roman Catholic Church Atimonan Quezon kapitan francisco location history construction architecture layout parish schedule mass wedding priest statue tour visit structure Building convent worship The Roman Catholic Church is located in Atimonan in Quezon Province. As the seat of the towns history, religion and culture, the church was constructed amidst great devastation caused by both man and nature. The first church was built in 1640 but was burned by the Dutch. A second church made of stone was built in 1643 but was partially destroyed by fire in 1648. The third church was rebuilt around 1683 and 1698 under Kapitan Francisco Katindig through hard labor but it was seriously damaged on August 30, 1937 by an earthquake and suffered additional destruction during World War II bombing of Atimonan. Today, additional renovation and restoration were made including the landscaping of the church plaza with the support of the people of Atimonan. Atimonan, Quezon is a coastal municipality located Continue reading

The Tanay Catholic Church in Rizal

Tanay Catholic Church Rizal San Ildefonso Location History Construction Architecture Layout Parish Schedule Mass Wedding Priest Statue Tour Visit Structure Building Convent Worship Congregation The Tanay Catholic Church, formally known as the San Ildefonso Parish Church, is located in Tanay, Rizal Province. The Tanay Church was first built in 1606 and was originally constructed of nipa and bamboo. The current structure, made of locally quarried stone, was completed in 1680. In 1783, it was reconstructed together with the convent. The church is an example of early Renaissance architecture. It has a four-story octagonal tower, a façade of adobe blocks, relieved by columns and semicircular arched windows. Its podium is adorned by a niche with a statue of San Ildefonso de Toledo. A convent and a courtyard connect the church to the Catholic school managed by the Diocese of Antipolo. Within are ornate altars with statues of saints. Finely carved, the 200 year-old Stations of the Cross add luster to the antiquity of the Continue reading

The Catholic Church of Camiling

Catholic Church Camiling Tarlac Saint Michael Archangel Parish Building Location General Pedro Pedroche Francisco Makabulos Earthquake Restoration Location Size Architecture Fire Museum History Info The Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church is located in Camiling in Tarlac Province. Also known simply as the Catholic Church of Camiling, this building was built during the Spanish period in the 1700’s; The centuries-old Roman Catholic Church and Convent have been declared historical site by National Historical Commission in 1994. The Church was the death place of General Pedro Pedroche and his men in the hands of Francisco Makabulos and high revolutionary troops on orders of General Luna on charges of rebellion. It was destroyed and rebuilt in 1880s after a surge of major earthquake. Having served as concrete testimonies to the unfolding of historical drama during the Spanish Revolution before being burned on 1997 that have affected even its constituent Camiling Catholic School. Now their ruins stand and being restored painfully Continue reading

Our Lady of Caysasay Church in Taal

Our Lady Caysasay Church Taal Batangas Location Cultural Artifacts Spanish Colonial Period History Construction Image Virgin Augustinian Emblems Communion Rails Priest Schedule Building Wedding Info The Our Lady of Caysasay Church is located in Taal in Batangas Province. This church is located in one of the province’s distinct cultural artifacts from the Spanish colonial period. Among these relics are the 27-centimeter image of the Virgin which was fished out of the waters in 1603. The Augustinian emblems engraved on the communion rails, the ornately carved holy water receptacle, and the few baroque motifs remain on the external frieze. The church has been renovated, but many interesting details of period art can still be appreciated. Continue reading

The Balanga Church Belfry

Balanga Catholic Church Belfry Bataan History Construction Location Japanese Artillery Station Abucay Bombardment Mount Samat World War American Military Site Repair Size Height Distance Description The Balanga Catholic Church Belfry was once used as a Japanese artillery station. The Balanga Belfry is located at the Church of Balanga in Bataan Province. The spiritual ministration of Balanga formerly belonged to Abucay. Balanga became an independent missionary center in 1739. Reverend Benito Rivas, O.P., strengthened this church by fortifying its wall. Rev. Juan Antonio Vicente, O.P, roofed it with galvanized iron and decorated the interior. Rev. Mariano Ma. Minano, O.P., from 1838-1845 constructed the arch of the choir loft and made the baptismal font out of granite from Mariveles. The parochial ministration under the Filipino clergy started with Rev. Mariano Sarili, June 21, 1898. The church was used as the site for Japanese artillery bombardment of Mount Samat where Filipino and American forces gave their last Continue reading

Church of Immaculate Concepcion in Cavite

Church Immaculate Concepcion Naic Cavite Diocesan Shrine Neo Gothic Architecture Construction Style Church Dominican Spanish University Santo Tomas War Damage Renovation History Location Schedule The Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Concepcion, also known as the Naic Church, is located in the municipality of Naic and is one of the largest churches in Cavite Province. It is the only Neo-Gothic style church in Cavite which was established in 1796 and constructed by the Dominicans. The Naic Church sits in the center of the former Dominican hacienda of San Isidro Labrador which funded the development of the University of Santo Tomas during the Spanish colonial period. Although its altar was totally demolished by the bombing of the town in World War II, the image of Immaculate Concepcion miraculously survived without a scratch and is still venerated by devotees as a strong mediatrix for prayers and petitions Continue reading

Church of Orion in Bataan

Church Orion Bataan San Miguel Arcangel Parish Church Bataan San Vicente Barangay Spiritual Abucay Earthquake Damage Construction History Renovation Repair Schedule Wedding Location History Town The San Miguel Arcangel Parish Church, also simply known as the Church of Orion, is one of the oldest churches in Bataan Province. Located in barangay San Vicente in the municipality of Orion, the church’s spiritual ministration of Orion belonged formerly to Abucay. Orion became an independent missionary center in 1667. Its first minister was Rev. Domingo Perez. The church and the convent were badly damaged by the earthquake of September in 1856, and were repaired in 1854. The Rev. Ulpiano Herrero constructed the beautiful sacristy and marble altars. In this town Cayetano Arellano, eminent Filipino jurist and statesman and first Filipino chief Justice of the Supreme Court was born on March 2, 1847. Francisco Baltazar (Balagtas), author of Florante at Laura, lived in this town from July 22, 1842 to Feb. 20, 1862. A sacristy and a Continue reading

Church of Abucay in Bataan

Abucay Catholic Church Bataan Town Plaza Father Geronimo Belen Jose Diego Pelaez Spiritual Ministration Dominican Spanish Earthquake Damage Construction Renovation Printing Press History Schedule Mass The 1st Abucay Catholic Church, or commonly known as The Church of Abucay, is located at the Abucay town Plaza in Bataan Province. The Church of Abucay was built by Father Geronimo de Belen in the early 1600’s. It was burned down in 1870 and later rebuilt by Father Jose Diego Pelaez. The Spiritual Ministration of Abucay was entrusted to the Dominicans in 1588. A fierce battle between the Dutch and the Pampango Defenders was fought in this court on June 23, 1647. Nearly two hundred Pampangos were put to death and forty others together with the Spanish Alcalde Mayor of Pampanga, Don Antonio de Cabrera, Father Geronimo Sotomayor and Father Tomas Ramos were taken to Batavia on June 23, 1647. The present church was badly damage by the earthquake of September 16, 1852. One of the Continue reading

San Pablo Cathedral in Laguna

San Pablo Cathedral Rizal Avenue City Laguna Church Augustinian Construction History Architecture Neoclassical Parish House Collection Statues Silver Building Bell Tower Design Schedule Mass Wedding The Saint Paul the First Hermit Cathedral, commonly known as the San Pablo Cathedral, is located on Rizal Avenue in San Pablo city, Laguna Province. Originally built in 1774 by the Augustinians, the architecture is of neo-classical style. It used to house a good collection of silver and jeweled religious statuaries, candelabras and altar pieces. It has a simple design with Doric coupled columns. It has a unique podium; inter-locking triangular and segmented arches; decorative bound windows with a four-storey octagonal bell tower composed of alternating blank and open windows. Continue reading