Church of Abucay in Bataan

Abucay Catholic Church Bataan Town Plaza Father Geronimo Belen Jose Diego Pelaez Spiritual Ministration Dominican Spanish Earthquake Damage Construction Renovation Printing Press History Schedule Mass The 1st Abucay Catholic Church, or commonly known as The Church of Abucay, is located at the Abucay town Plaza in Bataan Province. The Church of Abucay was built by Father Geronimo de Belen in the early 1600’s. It was burned down in 1870 and later rebuilt by Father Jose Diego Pelaez. The Spiritual Ministration of Abucay was entrusted to the Dominicans in 1588. A fierce battle between the Dutch and the Pampango Defenders was fought in this court on June 23, 1647. Nearly two hundred Pampangos were put to death and forty others together with the Spanish Alcalde Mayor of Pampanga, Don Antonio de Cabrera, Father Geronimo Sotomayor and Father Tomas Ramos were taken to Batavia on June 23, 1647. The present church was badly damage by the earthquake of September 16, 1852. One of the Continue reading