Wee Nam Kee Restaurant in Makati

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati City Manila Chinse Food Singapore Dining Menu Oriental Singaporean Dimsum Soup Price Calories Nutrition Location Hours Info The Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant in Makati is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Manila. Avid fans of authentic Hainanese chicken rice can now get their Singapore chicken rice from the newly-opened Wee Nam Kee at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. The restaurant is designed with wooden tables and chairs for casual dining. Specialties of the house are steam or roasted Wee Nam Kee chicken rice. Dipping sauces of soy, chili and ginger on the side completes the delicious rice meal. Another popular item in the menu are the cereal fried prawns- a signature Singaporean dish. Aside from the soup, dimsum and rice toppings, they also serve crunchy and leafy vegetables like the Sambal Kang Kong. The dish is sauteed in onions and chili to make it flavorful and spicy. Wee Nam Kee meals are best Continue reading

Shang Palace in Manila

Shang Palace Restaurant MakatiFor exceptional Cantonese cuisine, gastronomes head to Shang Palace. Located on the second level of the Makati Shangri-La hotel in Manila, this restaurant features glittering crystal chandeliers and intricate wooden latticework on the walls, creating a magical ambience that is unique to this restaurant. With eleven private dining rooms, a spacious main dining area and intimate booths, Shang Palace offers diners myriad reasons to enjoy authentic Chinese fare. Lunch at Shang Palace also offers a popular Dim Sum Plus menu featuring unlimited dim sum and other dishes. Continue reading

Red Lantern Restaurant in Manila

Chinese RestaurantThe name is a beacon calling out to diners from all over the world who enjoy the best Cantonese dishes to come to Solaire Resort and Casino’s signature Chinese restaurant, Red Lantern. Suckling Pig, Peking Duck, a wide array of delicious homemade dim sums are just the beginning of the restaurant’s list of mouthwatering, and authentic gourmet spectacles that dining patrons here in Manila, Philippines can enjoy. Ingredients arrive daily from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, all for the enjoyment of food lovers here in Manila. Whether you gather for a private party or simply feel like feasting, Red Lantern signature Chinese restaurant at Solaire Resort and Casino will sure impress. Continue reading

Chow King Breakfast Menu

Chow King currently offers three different meals to choose from on its breakfast menu: The beef tapa meal, the chicken longaniza, the Kings special breakfast, the HK Classic Congee breakfast, and the HK Kings Congee meal.

Chow King Beef Tapa with Garlic Rice  
 Chow King Longaniza with Garlic Rice  chow king chicken longaniza breakfast meal
 Chow King King’s Special with Garlic Rice  chow king kings special garlic rice breakfast
 Chow King HK Classic Congee  chow king hk classic congee meal
 Chow King HK Kings Congee  chow king hk kings congee breakfast