CBD Restaurant at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

CBD Restaurant Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila Cheesteaks Burgers Drinks Tender Bobs Steak Joint Menu Avenue Calories Nutrition Hours Opening Closing Contact Telephone Food Manager Hamburger The CBD Restaurant is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati, metro Manila. CBD is an acronym for Cheesesteaks, Burgers and Drinks. The newly-opened restaurant is owned by the same owners of Tender Bob’s. C.B.D. is a steak and burger joint promises sumptuous food and a good hangout place for family and friends. Situated at Ayala Triangle Gardens, this is the perfect way to enjoy the greenery and the food. CBD is open seven days a week, from 11:00am until 10:00pm. Their contact telephone number is (02) 482-6228 Continue reading

Jollibee Burgers & Sandwiches Menu

Jollibee Red LogoJollibee’s Burgers and Sandwiches menu includes The Champ Burger, the Yum Burger, the Yum with Cheese, Yum with TLC (tomatoe, lettuce and cheese), and the Jolly Hotdog Classic. The hamburgers (or cheeseburgers) can be ordered individually or as a Value Meal. The fast food items and prices are effective as of the date of this post, but are subject to changes anytime.  Continue reading

Jollibee Champ Burger Calories

The Jollibee 1/3 Pound Champ Burger is made with 100% pure beef, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, creamy cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise served injollibee 1/3 pound champ burger nutrition facts calories fat carbohydrates soft sesame seed bun.

The Jollibee Champ Burger Nutrition Facts: Calories 490; Sodium 810 mg; Total Fat 30g; Saturated Fat 12g; Total Carbs 32g; Dietary Fiber 4g; Sugar 3g; Protein 22g.

490 calories for the Champ Burger is not bad, comparing to McDonald’s Big Mac burger, which has 704 calories, or Jack in the Box’s Jumbo Jack burger, which has 600 calories.

For more information on the Jollibee 1/3 Pound Champ Burger, visit the Jollibee site HERE