Pinamuohan Festival in Panamungajan

Pinamuohan Festival, in Panamungajan, CebuThe Pinamuohan Festival is a celebration of bountiful harvests from land and sea, as well as the hardwork of its people. Held in Panamungajan, Cebu, it was started in 2008 in line with the thrust of then governor and now Congresswoman Gwendolyn Garcia, who pushed for each Cebu town and city to hold a festival as part of local culture and heritage. The Pinamuohan Festival is one of the highlights of the annual fiesta celebration every May 4, in honor of Sta. Monica. Various elementary and secondary schools help the town come alive  during the festival by sending in their best dancers in their colorful costumes and props. In 2009, the Pinamuohan Festival placed seventh in the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival of Festivals which was participated in by over 40 towns and cities. With some barangays grouping together as clusters in joining the festival, the annual event has proven to be a vehicle for camaraderie and unity among its people.

Marmol Cliff in Tuburan

Marmol Cliff, Tuburan, CebuMarmol Cliff  is Tuburan’s famous gigantic twin marble rock offering any adventurer ultimate pleasure of experiencing the beauty of nature. The boulders and spacious cave on the side of the cliff had been useful for Filipino Katipuneros during WWII. More to it, this wide cliff which stands in different heights of over hundred feet with all its enchantment is also the spot where the Maria Cacao & Joaquin Tang-an Story lies. The walls really look majestic with imposing beauty on both sides of the river. The rock walls are solid and not blackish in color if compared with those found in Palawan, Jilin in China or Halong Bay in Vietnam. Marmol Cliff has smooth and have some muddish or yellowish wall. I guess this is really a marble stone, a gem or treasure that needs to be kept where it is and not to be exploited. You would notice that Continue reading

Tostado Festival in Santander

Tostado Festival SantanderThe local town festival is named after its famous product, the tostado. A locally made cookie, researches failed to establish as to when and how or from whom the baking of these cookies originated. For the residents of Santander, these cookies made of sugar, flour, eggs, baking soda and shortening have been sold in their place for as long as they can remember. Launched in April 2006 as highlight of the activities of the town fiesta, the tostado festival is among the first festivals conceptualized among Cebu’s towns. The festival has since brought more life and color in the townfolks’ celebration of the fiesta of the town’s patron, St. Gabriel Archangel.  Not only that, the festival has given pride to the people of Santander as its dancers have since been joining prestigious events in Cebu and Mandaue Cities, with dignitaries and visitors from Continue reading

Panagsama Beach in Moalboal

Panagsama Beach, MoalboalA paradise for scuba divers! It has numerous beach resorts offering luxurious amenities, full service aqua sports , serving European, American, Asian, Filipino cuisine and a splendid night life by the beach. The diving schools and dive centers can teach you the skills and techniques in scuba diving. Hence, you will enjoy diving in this wonderful place at Moalboal. Panagsama Beach in Moalboal is just 4 km from the town center of Moalboal. The beach strip invites for a leisurely stroll, lots of open-air bars (Chili Bar, Beach Bar, Red Banana and others), restaurants, some more beach resorts and dive centers, street vendors peddling fruits, fresh caught fish, colorful T-Shirts or massage services. If you want to explore the small country town of Moalboal, Cebu, take a motorbike with sidecar, called tricycle, and within 10 minutes you are in Moalboal Continue reading

Mantayupan Falls in Cebu

Mantayupan Falls Cebu Mantayupan Falls is located near the southern town of Barili, about 1 1/2 hours by road from Cebu City. Take SRP to Talisay, continue to Carcar and cross the mountain road to Barili. At Barili Bus Stop, take a left turn through town, the falls are just a short distance away. Once there, you can park your vehicle for 5 Peso, entrance fee to the fall is 10 Peso per head. There are pick-nick tables that can be used and a raft for the swimmers. Unfortunately it’s not a very accessible area for wheelchair users; The falls are being developed by Governor Garcia as a tourist spot, but don’t expect too much. It’s still frequented as a laundry area by the locals.

Panligawan Cave in Mabinay

Panligawan Cave Mabinay CebuThe Panligawan Cave with its cathedral like entrance is enchanting. It is 143 meters long and 22 meters deep .You can walk down the wide and sloping entrance or you can rappel from a big hole on the roof. The same hole allows a play of light and shadow with the sunlight and the trees and shrubs that hover over the big hole. From below looking up at the hole is like witnessing the rays of grace from the heavens. It is the image of a divine apparition I carry with me from the catechism stories I heard in grade school. Come and visit the caves of Mabinay, Cebu. You can visit all three caves with a guide-member of the eco-tourism society in one day . Since Mabinay is about three hours away from Dumaguete City you can start your trip early in the morning and be back in Dumaguete before sundown. The Dumaguete moon rise will cap your visit.

Banana Meat from Dalaguete

Banana Meat DalagueteIn Dalaguete, deep-fried bananas (ripe cardava variety), immaculately stuffed with prime ground meat would seemingly grow on trees every fiesta. These potassium rich bananas have amazed many famished eaters and undaunted visitors. At first sight it looks just like your ordinary “pritong saging”. At first bite, it’s a culinary wonder: soft, sweet and juicy outside, meaty and spicy inside. Appetizer, main dish or dessert, the Banana Meat can be found in every table during fiesta – only in Dalaguete. It’s so easy to prepare and it has become a mainstay in many households on fiestas, holidays and special occasion buffets. It has become as much a tradition as the lechon. It’s not for vegetarians but it’s the ultimate banana experience one can never have enough of Continue reading

Gibitngil Island in Medellin

Gibitngil Island Medellin CebuGibitngil Island, touted to rival Palawan’s diving spots by many visitors, is part of Medellin municipality located at the northernmost tip of Cebu province in the Philippines. Medellin is approximately 100km north of Cebu City and the island can be reached with a 15-minute boat ride from the village of Kawit. Thrill-seekers will get satisfaction from climbing the high rock formations that kiss the friendly waves at the Gibitngil island. And wait – there’s a lot more!  Those who thirst for extreme adventure can dive straight from a rock into the deep blue sea. A lot of things also await those who would rather stay in the safer side of life. Gibitngil island has a long stretch of white sand beaches ideal for just hanging around, as well as a picturesque sand bar. The island’s crystal clear waters and vast coral reefs are Continue reading

Obong Spring in Dalaguete

Obong Spring Dalaguete CebuThe Obong Spring is located in Dalaguete, Cebu. It is a fresh water spring which emanates near the beach. Because of steady outpour of water, a pool of freshwater meets the sea especially when the tide is high and the water become brackish. So, that’s the explanation behind such mystery. The spring is in the humble municipality of Dalaguete, where Dalakit trees are found. One local legend narrates how the town got its name. Accordingly, Spaniard soldiers passed the place where a woman took her bath. The visitors asked the name of the place. The woman got the wrong idea, thinking they were asking the name of the tree where Spaniards were standing, she answered “Dalakit” and eventually recorded as “Dalaguete. Amazing enough, the big and almost a century-old dalakit tree is still remained standing near the Obong Spring. Continue reading

Osmena Peak in Dalaguete

Osmena Peak Dalaguete CebuOsmena Peak is known to be the highest peak in the province and Island of Cebu. Base on actual GPS altitude, it stand approximately 1000 meters above sea level. Osmena peak is located in the vicinity area of Mantalungon, (a town that is around 700 to 800 meters and probably one of the highest towns in Cebu. Mantalungon has been known as the vegetable kingdom of Cebu. Its really unusual finding this town where you feel it was like an area in the Cordilleras were they have their trading post for vegetable dealers and townfolks and children are wearing jackets at high noon, similar to Baguio City and La Trinidad. Osmena Peak is uniquely different from any other mountain peaks in the Philippines. Multiple jagged hills, or quite simply known as the Mantalungon range, are Continue reading