The Marmol Cliff in Tuburan

Marmol Cliff Tuburan Cebu Twin Marble Rock Location Stone Boulders Cave Barangay Province Hiking Trail Height Length Tricycle Tour Guide Visit River Stream Low Tide Camping Visit Climb Resort Info Marmol Cliff is located in Tuburan in Cebu province. Located at the northeastern part of the province, the Marmol Cliff is Tuburan’s famous gigantic twin marble rock offering any adventurer ultimate pleasure of experiencing the beauty of nature. The word ‘marmol’ means marble stone. The boulders and spacious cave on the side of the cliff had been useful for Filipino Katipuneros during WWII. More to it, this wide cliff which stands in different heights of over hundred feet with all its enchantment is also the spot where the Maria Cacao & Joaquin Tang-an Story lies. Continue reading

The Cambais Falls in Alegria

Cambais Falls Alegria Cebu Location Dalaguete Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature Guide History The Cambais Falls is located in Alegria in southern Cebu island. The waterfalls is considered as one of the hidden treasures in Alegria since few tourist known this place. The Calais Waterfalls features a deep and wide basin perfect for swimming. Above this are several smaller waterfalls where one can do cliff jumps. Going here involves a 30-min motorcycle ride from Alegria town and another 30- to 45-min trek. On going back to Cebu City, make sure to get a motorcycle that will take you to Dalaguete for amazing mountain views. Cambais Falls in Alegria is being cared for by two groups of farmers who are concerned about the integrity of the falls when tourist traffic was diverted to it upon the closure of a famous waterfalls in a nearby town. In order to control the impact the farmers decided to venture into micro enterprises and Continue reading

The Adela River in Tuburan

Adela River Tuburan Cebu poblacion daan lungsod guiwanon san juan mantawihan spring cruise tour location length swimming boat rental fishing map layout distance kilometer depth fishing trade industry The Adela River is located in Tuburan in Cebu province. Adela River is a natural boundary that separates Poblacion and Daan Lungsod, the original town site of Tuburan. It is approximately a 3-kilometer stretch of brackish river going through lined nipa palm trees and passes by three of the many natural springs of Tuburan from the shore of Daan Lungsod namely Guiwanon, San Juan and ending at Mantawihan Spring. The Local Government Unit of Tuburan is developing a river cruise program in the area. Continue reading

The Dagusungan River Cruise

Dagusungan River Cruise Medellin Cebu Tour Guide Boat Kayak Map Location Mangrove Kayaking Caputatan Norte Sur Route Cost Rental Safety Vest Package Fee Boating Rafting Swimming Photography Pictures The Dagusungan River Cruise in Medellin, Cebu offers tourists the opportunity to ride boats and kayaks through the Dagusungan River , which snakes through the town of Medellin. Aside from the fact that you will see a mesmerizing range of mangroves, you’ll also enjoy a kayaking trip that will take you to the 1.9-kilometer tranquil river stretch from Caputatan Norte to Caputatan Sur or the 2.8-kilometer route from Poblacion to Caputatan Norte. Buses going to Medellin are parked at the Cebu North Bus Terminal. The three-hour trip costs P130 per passenger. In the town, tourists can take a tricycle (P10 each) or hire a motorcycle (P20 each).. A bus or van can pick up guests from Cebu City. Continue reading

Discovery Reef in Medellin

Discovery Reef Medellin CebuDiscovery Reef is located in Medellin, Cebu and stretches 4.4 kilometers along the east coast of Medellin. Discovery Reef lets you dive around a pristine stretch of coral gardens from Polambato canal to Daanbantayan’s water boundary. The reef is a multitude of huge, age-old corals in various forms and sizes. Easily visible from a pumpboat ride are the sea plumes, sea fans, brain corals, leaf, plate and sheet corals, boulders and mound corals. Snorkeling and diving at the Discovery Reef would bring one to a different world, one filled with the beauty of colorful life forms. Visit the Discovery Reef for another amazing experience at Medellin. Continue reading

Bandera Peak in Dalaguete

Bandera Peak Dalaguete CebuExplore this newly discovered trail. The entire family can trek along the inner secrets of the mountains of untold legends and historical sites. The trail starts off at Mag-alambak Garden and the way in is marked by the “Tres Marias” – the guardians of the forest. “ Legend has it, that three lovely sisters have been betrothed to a mighty giant whose abode encompasses the peaks overlooking the ocean. The sisters refused to marry the giant for fear of slavery. As they tried to flee, the angry giant cast a spell and turned them into three black rocks. Through the passage of time, the rocks which are now lying under the trees, along a grassy slope, though all covered with moss and tiny vegetation and has become a habitat for small insects, still projects the aura of the three sisters. Since then they have been considered by the locals as the guardians of the Continue reading

Tuburan Town Museum in Cebu

Tuburan Town MuseumTuburan Town Museum is strategically housed at the 2nd floor of the former municipal building originally an ancestral house of Don Diego Tabotabo, one of the early settlers and administrators of Tuburan. The museum serves as a repository of the Tuburanon heritage representing the Tuburan culture and history over a thousand years unveiling details of its development from pre-history to the present; the LGU and its contributions; the archaeology of Tuburan; the important personages and their significant contributions in Tuburan’s growth; and, the faith and everyday life in the town. One of the exhibits at the Tuburan Town Museum is an 86-year-old copy of The Freeman. The three-page issue featured the revolution of the town as recounted by eyewitness, Emeterio Maxilom. The issue recounts the sacrifices made Continue reading

Kawasan Falls in Badian

Kawasan Falls Badian CebuKawasan Falls is located 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City and consists of three waterfalls, all of which are from pristine spring waters. This natural wonder in Badian, Cebu, accessible by a three-hours ride by bus. From the entrance, an uphill walk of about 1.5 kilometers is needed to get to the first waterfall, which is the largest and most crowded of the three waterfalls. Along the trek are several shops selling different sorts of accessories and souvenir items. To get to the second waterfall, another uphill trek of about fifteen minutes is needed. The same goes true for the third waterfall. Cottages are available for rent and can be had for an overnight stay. Rafts and life vest can also be had for a rental fee. Flashlights are recommended for Kawasan visitors as the pathway back is very dark after sunsets. Extra precaution, too, is needed when going Continue reading

Pescador Island in Moalboal

Pescador Island Moalboal CebuPescador Island is a small limestone island in the Tañon Strait, 3km of the western coast of Cebu island in the Philippines. It is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Moalboal, Cebu. The marine habitat around the island is a marine reserve, protected by the Moalboal Municipal Water User’s Fee System for 2006 in accordance with Resolution No. 044-2006. However it is just a marine park by name as the local fisherman spear fish exhaustively the entire reef. Experienced divers notice the lack of large fish compared to other similar areas such as the nearby Apo Island. Local dive operators concede that the economic benefit to Moalboal derived from the dive tourism is far greater than the traditional fisherman’s and the current abuse of the area is resulting in a decline of the islands attraction to scuba Continue reading

Pandanihan Cave in Mabinay

Pandanihan Cave in Mabinay, CebuThe Pandanihan Cave is 282 meters long, has a wide entrance which is 6 by 20 meters and virtually horizontal, which makes it the most difficult to enter among the three caves. About 80 meters away from the entrance is an obstacle called the Berlin Wall.The small gap in the wall beckons to a 20 wide corridor. Along the corridor are different stalactites and stalagmites formation. In the center is an old hug column called Mushroom, formed by the meeting of a group of stalactites and a group stalagmite formation. Come and visit the caves of Mabinay . You can visit all three caves with a guide-member of the eco-tourism society in one day . Since Mabinay is about three hours away from Dumaguete City you can start your trip early in the morning and be back in Dumaguete before sundown. The Dumaguete moon rise will cap your visit. Continue reading