The 11th Airborne Division Marker in Tagaytay

11Th Airborne Division Marker Tagaytay Cavite United States Army World War Ridge Landing City Mission General William Krueger 8Th Army History Location Description Landmark Monument Troops LiberationThe 11th Airborne Division Marker is located in Tagaytay in Cavite Province. On February 3, 1945, the 11th Airborne Division of Lt. Gen. William Krueger’s 8th Army airdropped military supplies and personnel on the Tagaytay Ridge amidst enemy groundfire. Their mission was to secure Tagaytay City and guarantee the easy flow of troops and supplies to Manila. The action later proved significant to the Manila liberation. A marker was made at the Silang Crossing to honor the event. Continue reading

The Reyes Museum in General Trias

Geronimo Los Reyes Jr Museum General Trias Cavite Location Building Photographs Gallery Exhibit Pottery Display Porcelain Collection Gateway Property Holdings Industrial Estate Jalavera Business Park The Geronimo de los Reyes Jr Museum is located in General Trias in Cavite Province. The Reyes Museum houses the vast photographic collection of Geronimo de los Reyes, Jr. His collection captures the history and culture of the Philippines, and includes photographic works from the 1880s to the 1930s. One of them is the original picture of the execution of Dr Jose Rizal at the Luneta. In addition to the photographs, other items on exhibit is the collection of pottery and porcelain ware dating back to the Ming and Sung periods. Geronimo de los Reyes Jr. is the chairman and president of Gateway Property Holdings, which owns the 174-hectare industrial estate in Brgy. Jalavera, Gen. Trias, Cavite. Continue reading

Museo de la Salle in Cavite

Museo Salle Dasmarinas Cavite Lifestyle Museum Ilustrado University Collection Display Culture Arts Admission Fee Student Hours Opening Location Building Map Layout History Curator Description Info The Museo de la Salle is located within the campus of the De La Salle University Dasmariñas in Cavite. Museo de la Salle is a lifestyle museum dedicated to the preservation of certain aspects and material culture of the 19th century Philippine ilustrado lifestyle. The Museo has been realized to encourage its own use in cross-disciplinary learning and growth in an academic environment, and to provide a living space illustrating Philippine culture that is linked to its immediate community. As a resource center for both indoor and outdoor collections, it dedicates itself to the gathering of collectible objects of intrinsic value significant to the preservation of certain aspects of the Philippine ilustrado lifestyle. Continue reading

Sonya’s Garden Spa in Tagaytay

Sonyas Garden Spa Tagaytay Cavite Buck Estate Alfonso Bed Breakfast Hotel Cottage Room Rates Rental Massage Body Shiatsu Vegetarian Breakfast Lunch Rooms Rates Dinner Size Description Contact Manager Sonya’s Garden is located at Buck Estate in Alfonso, Tagaytay, Cavite. Sonya’s Garden features lushly foliated gardens and numerous guest cottages. Accommodations are not air-conditioned, but non-residents can visit, stroll the grounds and enjoy a massage. Massages are somewhat expensive compared to other local amenities, but the menu is extensive; everything from a foot massage to a full-body shiatsu. Sonya’s Garden Spa offers a vegetarian Sunday lunch to both residents and non-residents. If you want to stay longer in Sonya’s Garden, Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast has available accommodations with 14 cottages and 18 rooms. The rates are P3000 per person on weekdays and P3400 per person on weekends and holidays. The rates include complimentary early dinner or a lunch and breakfast. Hotel check in time is Continue reading

Malicbilic Falls in Cavite

Malicbilic Falls Lumipa General Aguinaldo Magallanes Cavite Waterfalls Location River Nia Irrigation Project Pond Hill Pool Water Coconut Trees Farm Cavitex Expressway History Size Swimming Tour Info Malicbilic Falls is located in Lumipa and Barangay General Aguinaldo in Magallanes, Cavite Province. A valley borders the Malicbilic Falls, where boulders cut across the middle of the gushing water that cascades from the falls. At the far end of the river is a NIA irrigation project. The other nearby rivers flow into a large pond, which can be viewed from atop one of the hills. A large pool of water forms at the base of the falls with coconut trees, shrubs and greenery flanking both sides of the falls. Malicbilic Falls can be reached through the Cavitex Expressway. Continue reading

Museo ng Tagaytay in Cavite

Museo Tagaytay City Cavite city hall Building location ground floor map layout collection hours display artifacts photos memorabilia municipal history description fee operation preservation museum The Museo ng Tagaytay is located in Tagaytay City, Cavite. The Museo ng Tagaytay aims to collect and preserve all significant artifacts, photos and memorabilia of the City of Tagaytay and its people as well as to record momentous events reflecting the growth, development, culture and heritage of the city. The museum is located on the ground floor of the Tagaytay City Hall Building. Continue reading

Church of Immaculate Concepcion in Cavite

Church Immaculate Concepcion Naic Cavite Diocesan Shrine Neo Gothic Architecture Construction Style Church Dominican Spanish University Santo Tomas War Damage Renovation History Location Schedule The Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Concepcion, also known as the Naic Church, is located in the municipality of Naic and is one of the largest churches in Cavite Province. It is the only Neo-Gothic style church in Cavite which was established in 1796 and constructed by the Dominicans. The Naic Church sits in the center of the former Dominican hacienda of San Isidro Labrador which funded the development of the University of Santo Tomas during the Spanish colonial period. Although its altar was totally demolished by the bombing of the town in World War II, the image of Immaculate Concepcion miraculously survived without a scratch and is still venerated by devotees as a strong mediatrix for prayers and petitions Continue reading

The Binakayan Monument in Cavite

Battle Binakayan Monument Governors Road Kawit Cavite History War Spanish Forces Filipino Revolutionaries 1896 General Emilio Aguinaldo Katipunero Soldiers Dalahican Death Battle Revolution Location The Battle of Binakayan Monument is located on Governor’s Road in Kawit, Cavite Province. The battle of Binakayan was the site of a significant encounter between Spanish forces and Filipino revolutionaries between November 9-11, 1896. Under the leadership of General Emilio Aguinaldo, Katipuneros fought off a siege launched by Spanish soldiers in Binakayan and Dalahican. Hundreds of Spanish soldiers were killed. It was the most decisive battle of the revolution as it marked the first defeat of the Spanish forces and is commemorated as the first major victory of the Philippine Revolution. Continue reading

Arny Ross on FHM Cover

Arny Ross FHM Magazine Philippines Cover June 2015Arny Ross on the cover of FHM Magazine June 2015. Arny Ross Roque was born on July 19, 1991 in Dasmariñas, Cavite Philippines a Filipina actress and model known as Arny Ross. She known as one of the Protégé: The Battle For The Big Artista Break, participant under Gina Alajar and later to Phillip Salvador, which she represent Southern Luzon in that season. Arny Ross roots from fellow Dasmarieña Sarah Lahbati. Arny Ross studied at De La Salle University-Dasmariñas.

Battle of Alapan Memorial Site in Cavite

Alapan Elementary SchoolThe Site of the Battle of Alapan of 1898 paved the way for the birth of the First Philippine Republic. It is where the Philippine Flag sewn in Hong Kong by Marcella Agoncillo received its Baptism on Fire on May 28, 1898. Located at Alapan I Elementary School, the battle site is a 10-15 minute drive from the town proper. The site of this marker was highlighted by a 104 feet tall flagpole where the Philippine Flag waves proudly. The marker is set atop three large rocks each encrusted with pasted cement. On the center of the rock is a statue of a woman boldly holding the Philippine Flag. Continue reading