Amenia Beach Resort in San Andres

Amenia Beach Resort Palawig San Andres Catanduanes Location Water Sand Surf Tide Sports Mayon Bulusan Snorkeling Depth Scuba Diving Hotel Location Distance Boat Tour Guide Barangay Visit Fishing The Amenia Beach Resort is located in Palawig, San Andres in Catanduanes Province. The Amenia Beach Resort is a place to enjoy the vantage view of the beautiful sunset and where one could take a full view of the breathtaking perfect silhouette of Mayon Volcano and its neighbor, Bulusan Volcano, in the distance. Reeling with the textures of the sun, sea and sand, one can easily lose oneself and be drifted away while leisurely walking along the stretch of its powdery-white sands and dabbling in its undeniably tamed waters. Continue reading

Museo de Catanduanes in Virac

Museo Catanduanes Santa Elena Virac Catanduanes Fossil Hamujong Trumpet Tourism Office Location Building Exhibit Collection Display Collection History Culture Artifacts Hours Memorabilia Entrance Fee The Museo de Catanduanes is located in Santa Elena, Virac in Catanduanes Province. The Museo de Catanduanes is a one-stop shop showcasing the islands culture and history. A repository of the island’s historical and material cultural heritage, it houses several artefacts, most note-worthy of which are the Fossils of Hamujong or Trumpet shells. Found in the rocky cliffs of Virac, Japanese anthropologist declared it a rare find. Clothing and former dress of religious icons also grace the museum, as well as ancient household articles of the native Catandunganons. Located in the same building as the Tourism Office, it is a treasure trove of information about Catanduanes. Continue reading

Puraran Beach in Baras

Puraran Beach Baras Catanduanes Surfing Destination Cove Location Water Sand Resort Surf Tide Sports Snorkeling Depth Scuba Diving Hotel Location Distance Boat Tour Guide Barangay Visit Fishing Puraran Beach is located in Baras in Catanduanes Province. Puraran Beach is a world-class surf spot and perhaps the most popular attraction in Catanduanes. Because of its location facing the ocean, Puraran Beach is vulnerable to strong winds and typhoons, gaining it the moniker as the “Land of the Howling Winds”. Being dotted in open seas, gigantic waves make it perfect for surfing and beach buffs. In the 1970s, Australian surfer Peter Sutton noticed that Puraran’s secluded cove harbors long-barrel waves perfect for surfing. Referring to the waves as the “Majestics”, international surfers and backpackers have returned back to this location to experience this charming beach and surf its challenging waves. Continue reading

The Luyang Cave in San Andres

Luyang Cave San Andres Catanduanes Location Entrance Moro Cavern Sili Size Hiking Trail Depth Distance Difficulty Visit Tour Guide Stalactite Length Stalagmite Map Route Spelunking History Discovery The Luyang Cave is located in San Andres in Catanduanes Province. Inside Luyang Cave are corridors of majestic and huge stalactite and stalagmite pillars and rock formations. Hanging from the ceilings and walls of the cave are numerous bats that inhabit the entire cave. The Luyang Cave is the location where native Filipinos sought refuge against the Moro pirates during the 17th century. The villagers who took refuge inside Luyang Cave covered its entrance with dried tree branches and twigs to conceal the cave, and they used ground “sili” leaves and fruit to discourage the invaders from entering the cave. The pirates eventually found the cave and its entrance; When the invaders finally tried to enter the cave, the inhabitants burned the pile thinking that the smoke would prevent them from going inside. But the wind direction instead blew the smoke towards Continue reading

The Pagasa Weather Station in Bato

Pagasa Weather Radar Station Buenavista Bato Catanduanes dippler facility weather bureau prediction typhoon storm observatory tower construction history height location distance forecast bulletin The PAGASA Weather Radar Station is located in Buenavista, Bato in Catanduanes Province. 2012, the latest state of the art Doppler radar station that sits atop a mountain and is expected to mitigate the effects of devastating typhoons in the country as the state weather agency. The new facility is seen to boost the capability of the state weather bureau to monitor weather, especially tropical cyclones, with improved tracking of rainfall, wind speed, and other important data. PAGASA predicts incoming typhoons. The new radar station can also transmit data real-time for faster, more regular, and more accurate forecasts – which the weather bureau has been trying to make improvements to after getting criticism for imprecise and slow forecast announcements in the past. It will also provide more accurate weather forecasts Continue reading

The Loran Station in Bagamanoc

Loran Ruins Panay Island Quigaray Bagamanoc Catanduanes Long Range Navigation Station United States Coast Guard Military Installation Buildings Map Layout Water Tanks History Construction Beach Info The Loran Station Catanduanes was the site of a former Long Range Navigation LORAN) station operated by the United States. The remnants of this former military instation is located in Quigaray, Bagamanoc in Catanduanes Province. The American coast guard base, which consisted of seven buildings and two concrete water tanks, was built after World War 2, in the 1950’s as an outpost to monitor movements in the Pacific Ocean. Abandoned in 1972, the camp was then used by local coastguards in 1980 and was again abandoned. Loran Beach is a short walk from the drop off point, reachable by banca 30 to 40 minutes from the shoreline of the town of Bagamanoc. It has white sand that lead to a stairway up a hill where the structures are located. From atop, the marvelous view of the Pacific’s turquoise waters crashing against the shoreline is more than enough Continue reading

The Nahulugan Falls in Gigmoto

Nahulugan Falls San Pedro Gigmoto Catanduanes Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature Guide Nahulugan Falls is located in Barangay San Pedro in Gigmoto in Catanduanes. The cascades of this falls boast of a tall drop where its waters beautifully cascade on three tiers, creating spectacular sprays where bathers can soothe their tired muscles. The water is clear and cool owing to the huge trees that filter much of the sunlight which partly illuminate the place. Nahulugan Waterfalls is surrounded by lush vegetation and forest where locals have made place into a natural picnic ground. To get to the Nahulugan Waterfalls, by public transportation from Virac, ride a van going to the town of Gigmoto (P100). Travel time is approximately 90 minutes. When you arrive in Gigmoto, take a tricycle to the Nahulugan falls. Continue reading

Palumbanes Island in Catanduanes

Palumbanes Island Catanduanes Coastal Village Caramoran Province Location Barangay Resort Beach Bitaoag Distance Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving History Size Description Electricity Visit Tour Guide Palumbanes Island is a coastal village island located 13 kilometers away from the shores of Caramoran, in Catanduanes Province. Locally known as Porompong, Palumbanes Island is located in the northern part of Catanduanes. Very little infrastructure exists on the island, and electricity is scarce. A popular destination is Bitaoag Beach on the island, which can be reached via a one hour hike or a 15-minute boat ride.

To get to the Palumbanes Islands, take a direct flight to Virac, Catanduanes from Manila. When in Virac, take a five-hour bus up to Caramoran. From there you will need to hire a local boat to take you to barangay Baybay. It costs approximately P300 each way per Continue reading

Kosta Alcantara Beach Resort in Virac

Kosta Alkantara Beach Resort Virac Catanduanes Governor Residence Location Snorkeling Hotel Scuba Diving Fishing Tour InformationThe Kosta Alcantara Beach Resort is located between two rocky promontories at one end of the white, kilometer-long Marilima Beach. The residence of the former governor of the province who retired here with his wife and opened it to the public a few years ago. The atmosphere of the resort is a reflection of the graciousness of the governor and his staff. The house is surrounded by a garden where the ex-governor’s wife lovingly tends some magnificent species of orchids. It shoreline is covered with fine white sand its pristine azure waters never fail to lure visitors to take a dip. It faces the mainland Bicol where one could take a full view of the breath-taking Mayon Volcano. Continue reading

Maribina Falls in Bato

Maribina Falls Bato CatanduanesMaribina Falls is the most popular and widely publicized among the numerous waterfalls in Catanduanes. Secluded and relatively unexplored, the waterfalls beckon trekkers for a refreshing dip, frolic in the cool waters and rest in the surrounding boulders. Gushing with a breath-taking rapids of crystal-clear waters, the cascading falls are located amid rustic surroundings and lush-green vegetation. Maribina Falls is just a few minutes from Bato Church, and is the most publicized waterfall on the island. The falls releases cool water that is refreshing after a tiring day of exploring Virac and beaches along the coast of San Andres. This three-layer waterfall is situated amidst a lush forest with sheds waiting for visitors who want to enjoy a dip. These are only a few of the destinations you can enjoy while on the island of Catanduanes. This island is too huge to cover over a weekend Continue reading