Tayak Lagoon on Malarad Island

Tayak Lagoon Malarad Island Caramoan Camarines Sur Beach Fishing Swimming Coral Garden Snorkeling Rocks Limestone Mountain Tour Guide Malarad Naga Location Distance Pictures Camping Destination Water Tayak Lagoon is located on Malarad Island, in Caramoan, Camarines Sur province. The only way to get to reach lagoon, once you are on Malarad Island, is to swim under gaps under the barrier rocks. The lagoon is surrounded by limestone mountains and lush foliage; Located behind Tayak Beach, this crystal-clear lagoon is a perfect sanctuary. Engage in fishing, swimming or listen to the songs of the birds. Tayak Lagoon consists of a vast coral garden in which the corals are similar to the coral garden in Coron, Palawan. The extensive coral formation is spread just several feet from the surface of the water. So, this is ideal for snorkeling. But you have to swim underneath the rocks located at the side of the beach to get through the lagoon. Continue reading

Pitogo Island in Caramoan

Pitogo Island Caramoan Camarines Sur Bay Round Stones Beach Lantangan Naga Location Snorkeling Scuba Diving TourPitogo Island is located at the Center of Pitogo Bay. The shoreline of Pitogo has a beach made up of stones instead of sand. Pitogo Island has an approximately 6-7 hectares of total land area which has a unique smooth-edge stone shoreline called Lantangan Beach. Lantangan Beach is made up of palm-sized stones which make a pleasant sound when the waves wash over them. Pitogo Island is probably the most “Jurassic Park” area of Caramoan. It is where you will be greeted by the stillness as well as peacefulness of the water. Jagged and rugged rocks will also welcome you. From afar, Pitogo Island’s lush green hill and gray stretch of beach beckons invitingly. When your boat docks on the island’s beach, you will find not sand but smooth, palm-sized stones – mostly gray, some white and some reddish – on the shore. As Pitogo Continue reading

Cotivas Island in Caramoan

Cotivas Island Caramoan Camarines Sur Beach Peninsula Sand Tip Point Tide Resort Location Snorkeling Surf BoatThe Cotivas island is a small island between two larger islands at the northernmost part of the Caramoan peninsula. Cotivas Island is the most remote island among the islets of Caramoan in Camarines Sur. Notable for its golden sand beach tip and coconut trees that proliferate at the middle of the island. It is a usual beach stop for the island hopping itinerary due to its calm waves being protected by 2 larger islands on both of its sides and the huts that provide shelter. Because of its secluded location with very few local inhabitants, the island is extra peaceful and quiet. There are no infrastructures but only the sand, the beaches and the trees. It was all nature and yourself, which can make you feel like a castaway and totally withdrawn from the noise and stress of modern city life. Cotivas Island is perfect for beach bumming mainly because of its serene and concrete Continue reading

Bichara Island in Caramoan

Bichara Island Caramoan Camarines Sur Beach Lagoon Boat Tour Rental Package Resort Snorkeling Fishing Sand SurfBichara Island may be small with an area of 8,000 square meters, but it’s obviously laden with charm. One can swim under the canopy of limestone cliffs surrounding the island or collect shells along the beach. The idyllic seascape makes it easy to forget just about everything.. For the natives of Caramoan, Bichara is better known as Paradise Island even if it is a privately owned beach in Camarines Sur. Certainly, it is a paradise of powder-like sand mist besides the crystal clear body of water perfect for scuba diving and beach hopping. Continue reading

Tinago Island in Caramoan

Tinago Island Caramoan Hidden Beach Islet Location Tour Camping Cave Limestone Mountain Peninsula Boat SandTinago is a Bicol word which means “hidden.” Tinago Island is a hidden island with interesting features; It got its name because it was located at the back of Cagbalinag Island. According to the tourists who have been to Tinago Island, most local boatmen—even those who double as tour guides—would rather not take tourists here, simply because they don’t know of the secluded and astonishing features of the island that only tourists persistent and adventurous enough can enjoy. Unlike the more popular Gota and Hunongan beaches in Caramoan, this cove is concealed from view when you traverse the length of the Caramoan peninsula coastline. However, it is accessible from the sea through a narrow passageway found in the huge limestone karst formations lining the coastline. Continue reading

Aguirangan Island in Caramoan

Aguirangan Island Caramoan Rose Islet Lagonoy Gulf Camarines Sur Naga Beach Scuba Sabang Port CampingAguirangan Island, also known as Rose Islet, is a small paradise along the Lagonoy Gulf in Camarines Sur. The length of the entire island is about a hectare and a half. It is edged by ivory sand coast on the side facing Presentacion and Lagonoy while the other side is framed by magnificent rock platforms. The surrounding 360-degree view from the Rose Islet as some calls it, is wonderful excess. Mount Mayon from the western side can be seen in its full cone shape on a clear day. On the northern part is the imposing Mount Isarog gently capped by clouds. The Lagonoy mountain ranges on the eastern side stretches down south until it fades out from your sight. The coral formation surrounding the island stretches about a kilometer on the northern side. Submarine canyons, deep vertical walls and other unique formations make this 1.5 hectare island a paradise for Continue reading

Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur

Caramoan IslandsThe Caramoan islands stem from the rugged Caramoan Peninsula, which is located in the province of Camarines Sur. The islands, however, are isolated from the main province. This makes it perfect for island hopping, hiking, diving, and even spelunking. The unexploited and uninhabited islands of Caramoan have been featured in several franchises of the hit TV show Survivor. Very little is known about Caramoan. Isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur, it is no surprise why Philippines’ Secret Paradise remains unexploited from commercial tourism. After the place has been featured in the news and local television programs, local and foreign travelers started to explore the beaches of the peninsula, gaining tourism popularity in recent years. The 8th season of Koh-Lanta (French edition of Survivor), was Continue reading

Gota Beach in Caramoan

Gota Beach CaramoanGota beach is an exciting jump-off point for an island hopping day. The famous beach is a 30-minute drive from Caramoan proper, blessed with fine white beaches and limestone cliffs perfect for a rock-climbing experience. One of the most accessible beaches from the town Proper, Gota beach has graced countless tourism-related shows and magazines. Current government efforts of Camarines Sur has seen its immense potential and thus included it and other nearby islands in the proposed tourism zone. In the company of mother nature. Most island beaches are still uninhabited and seldom visited, but secrets as good as these can’t be hidden for long. Backpackers camping for the night enjoy the relative solitude of the beaches. Celebrate the beauty of life in these fine white beaches beside majestic Continue reading

Lahuy Island in Caramoan

Lahuy Island CaramoanLahuy island is located in Caramoan and has the shape of a dog bone. The island is 10-kilometer long and 3 kilometers at its widest point. The island has long stretches of uniquely white fine sand. Barangay Gota has been known as a gold-mining community even before the war. At present only small-scale operation is in existence. At sitio Nipa, a spring 300 meters from the shore provides fresh water source not available elsewhere. A 40-hectare mangrove swamp near Barangay Oring offers a habitat for a marine wildlife. This island is blessed with white sand and peaceful coves. Some people compare it to Boracay when it comes to its shape. Simply add the noisy restaurants and bars along the shore and Boracay really has a serious competitor. Trips to Lahuy Island as well as other hidden beach coves could be Continue reading

Gota Beach in Caramoan

Gota Beach CaramoanThough the most frequently visited beach in Caramoan because of its accessibility, Gota Beach hasn’t lost its magnificence to many sightseers and adventurers. The imposing stretch of mountainous rock formations half-enclosing the beach adds beauty to its fine sand and clear water. Gota beach was chosen for the French Survivor reality show. Composed of two caves called Little Gota and Big Gota, which are the main attractions of the Caramoan National Park. Located in Barangay Paniman about five kilometers from the town proper, a group of limestone islets known as the Malarad Island Group can be found. One can enjoy a stretch of sugary fine white beach comparable to that of Boracay, a salt water lake, and wildlife. Continue reading