The Caraga Region

Caraga Region PhilippinesThe Caraga Region was created through Republic Act 7901 which was approved on February 25, 1995 by then President Fidel V. Ramos. Also designated as Region XIII, the region is situated in the northeast section of Mindanao. It is bounded on the North by the Surigao Strait, on the West by the Provinces of Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental, on the South by the Province of Davao del Norte and on the East by the Pacific Ocean.

The name Caraga already existed in the lexicon of Spanish-era Philippines, dating more than 400 years ago. Spaniards formed Caraga through a military garrison in 1609 to reinforce their invasion of Continue reading

Kalinawan River

Kalinawan River Jabonga Agusan del NorteThe Kalinawan River is a popular watersport location for canoeing in Agusan del Norte province. The word Kalinawan comes from the Visayan word “linaw,” which literally means clear. Declared as the cleanest inland body of water in the Caraga region, this 29.1 kilometer of pristine and picturesque river is the only outlet for Lake Mainit. Kalinawan River is next to Jagupit, and it passes through the municipalities of Jabonga, Santiago, Tubay before it finally empties into Butuan Bay. By history, it is one of the oldest trading and missionary routes in the Philippines. Its historical past (part of the Old Kingdom of Butuan even predates Philippine history. The river is fishing ground to the mamanwas since immemorial. The mamanwa tribe who inhabits Continue reading

Surigao del Norte Province

Surigao del Norte ProvinceSurigao del Norte is situated in the northern tip of Mindanao, bounded by the offshore islands of Dinagat on the north and Siargao on the northeast. As of 2000, the province recorded a population of 481,416, growing at a rate of 1.84 percent, the fastest in the CARAGA region in the last five years. It is linked to Eastern Visayas and Luzon through a ferry service in Lipata, Surigao City.

The province is endowed with abundant natural resources. One of the major resources of metallic and non-metallic deposits are nickeliferous laterite ore with 292,010,409 metric tons, gold registers 26,857,886 metric tons. Continue reading

Surigao del Sur Province

Surigao del Sur ProvinceSurigao del Sur is a province of the Philippines located in the Caraga region in Mindanao. The province is located on the northeastern part of Mindanao facing the Pacific Ocean. It is bounded on the northwest by Surigao del Norte, on the southeast by Davao Oriental, on the east by the Pacific Ocean and on the west and southwest by the provinces of Agusan del Sur and Agusan del Norte. Surigao del Sur is located at the eastern coast of Mindanao and faces the Philippine Sea.

Surigao del Sur Province is subdivided into 17 municipalities and 2 cities, and the provincial capital is is Tandag. Continue reading

Agusan del Norte Province

Agusan del Norte ProvinceA tropical haven of natural beauty, scenic Agusan del Norte cast an enigmatic charm drawn from the many archaic mementos spread throughout the province. Yes, the place is rich in history and culture, but nature’s drama prevails most completely over the imagination.

Agusan del Norte is a third class province and the second smallest in the Caraga Region. It is mountainous along its northeastern and western parts. In between are flat, rolling lands particularly where the Agusan River cuts through as it empties into Butuan Bay. Continue reading

Britania Islands in Lianga Bay

Britania IslandsThere’s more to Surigao del Sur than mineral mine sites. Situated in Lianga Bay, specifically in Barangay San Agustin, are a group of tiny islands collectively known as the Britania Group of Islets. These islets have already been visited by plenty of tourists for its picturesque landscape, pristine waters and powdery white sand. Continue reading

Magkawas Falls and Green Paradise

Magkawas FallsA 55 hectare full of lush forest with fascinating endemic species of flora and fauna is still a sight to behold. Magkawas Falls and Green Paradise, sited at Sitio Cagmino, Barangay Sibahay offers another exciting recreational activity, as tourist take pleasure in a 430-meter hike from the National Highway to reach the enthralling 18-meter falls symmetrically surrounded with luxuriant green environment flaunting the fragrance of forest trees of different types.

Lanuza Marine Park & Sanctuary

Lanuza Marine Park SanctuaryThe Lanuza Marine Park & Sanctuary is located in Sitio Cagmino, Barangay Sibahay, 9 kilometers away from the town proper. This 111 hectare Marine Protected Area has been made as a habitat to different aquatic species. Along that guard house is the famous Sanctuary Café which stores hot and cold concoctions and native food of the town. One can enjoy their stay at this community-based project which exudes fresh air and verdant canopies that commensurate to its tranquil environment.