Mantalinga Island

Mantalinga Island Roxas City CapizMantalinga Island is located in Capiz Province and is the Landmark of Baybay Beach. In an the areal view, this is the first island you can see upon touching down at the runway of Roxas City airport. The first island you can see when you approach the Baybay Beach. It is a small island & a marine life sanctuary. Mantalinga is a kilometer away from the shores of Baybay Beach, Roxas City. Mantalinga has been identified by the Department of Tourism as an ideal spot for scuba divers and a perfect rotunda for sailboat (dilayag) and kayaking contest. Recently named “Good Luck Island” by DOT consultants, the place is believed by local fisher folks as source of luck when names of their fish boats are written on the sides of the island before it goes fishing for the first time

The Sulod Culture

SulodThe Sulod live inland in the Panay provinces of Capiz, Antique and Iloilo, with some concentrations in the villages of Tapaz, Lambunao and Valderrama. These agricultualists are frequently on the move, fields being shifted every two years and left fallow for at least five before reuse. Settlements consist of a few houses led by and old wise man called parankuton, who is assisted by a younger man called timbang. Both positions are achieved. There are many religious rites, including 16 major ones led by a baylan. The Sulod are widely known for their extensive epics which are committed to memory, including the Labaw Dunggon. Continue reading

Pagdayao Festival in Dumarao

Padagyaw Festival Dumarao CapizPagdayao Festival is celebrated August 1st to 5th every year in Dumarao, Capiz. Padagyaw is a native word which means the invitation of a folk of his neighbors for bayanihan, for example in erecting a nipa house for no pay but instead with eating, drinking, and joy. The festival is held in honor of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. Being held every year mirrors the spirit of unity and cooperation of its people. One of the few is the street dancing and pista ng bayan. These are the concrete example of group effort. From one fermented idea of planners, action men and executions, they have translated their ideas and concepts into mass action of well rehearsed and well executed play, Continue reading

Panay Island

Panay IslandPanay is an island in the Philippines located in the western part of the Visayas. Politically, it is divided into five provinces: Aklan, Antique, Capiz, and Iloilo, all in the Western Visayas Region. It is located southeast of the island of Mindoro and northwest of Negros, separated by the Guimaras Strait. Between Negros and Panay Island lie the island-province of Guimaras. To the north is the Sibuyan Sea and the islands of Romblon; to the southwest is the Sulu Sea and the Panay Gulf. The island has many rivers including Akean, Banica, Iloilo, and Panay. Panay is surrounded by various bodies of water and is characterized by relatively Continue reading

Pangilatan Falls in Tapaz

Pangilatan Waterfalls TapazThe Pangilatan Falls are located in Barangay Artuz, Tapaz, Capiz and is composed of a main waterfalls which has a water drop off of about 81 ft., countless mini falls whose water drop offs are between less than a foot to as high as 7 ft., the total length of which is at least 3.5 kms and could go as far as 8 kms; and a viewing area on the highest point of Brgy. Artuz where one could see the rolling hills and mountains of Tapaz and neighboring towns as far as Calinog, Iloilo in the south and Libacao, Aklan in the north, which could rival the famous chocolate hills of Bohol. Continue reading

Hil-o Hil-o Festival in Maayon

Hil-o Hil-o Festival Maayon CapizEvery February 26th to 28th, the people of Maayon, Capiz in Panay Island celebrate the Hil-o Hil-o Festival, which also serves as its town and patronal fiesta. More than that, it celebrates the Maayon version of the much-revered Bayanihan spirit; that is, to be of utmost help whenever it is needed by a fellowman and to be able to extend such without reservations. This time-honored tradition amongst them is also their concept of paying it forward so as to achieve the people’s common goal. The festival itself is characterized by a street dancing festival and parade within the town proper that celebrates the Maayon way of life. Continue reading

Bontod Beach in Masbate

Bontod Beach MasbateBontod Beach is located southwest of Masbate City via a ten-minute boat ride from the city port, famous for its coral reefs, breathtaking white sand, mangroves and marine sanctuary. The beach is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

On a bright summer day, Bontod Beach with its fine black sand is a welcome sight. At three kilometers long, it is located far from the inhabited section of Pan-ay; hence it is one of the cleanest beaches in Capiz. It is protected on one side by Napti Island and on the other side by the mountains of Pilar. Continue reading

Quipot Cave in Mambusao

Quipot Cave CapizThe Quipot Cave consists of many chambers, each at a level different from other chambers. In certain sections, one has to crawl because the space between the roof and cave floor is just two or three feet. There are also sections that seem like a dead end, except for small openings through which only one person can crawl. These holes lead to a chamber as big as a hotel ballroom, which is why it is dubbed as the “Quipot Hilton”.

The Quipot Cave is located in Barangay Burias in Mambusao. It is about three kilometers from the Mambusao Agricultural and Technical College, or eight kilometers from the town proper or a 30-minute ride over rough roads. Continue reading

Inilusan Festival in Mambusao

Inilusan FestivalFirst celebrated in 1975, the Inilusan Festival is Mambusao’s annual Cultural-religious festivity. This is a colorful pageant celebrated by way of recollecting the stories of Mambusao and depicting the historical and cultural growth of the town. Celebrated in honor of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the term inilusan means the mutual and reciprocal giving and sharing of food and resources in generous measures and in the spirit of fraternal goodwill that permeates the daily life of Mambusaonons.

Sinadya sa Halaran in Roxas City

Sinadya sa HalaranSinadya sa Halaran is a merging of the Roxas City Fiesta “Sinadya” and the Province celebration of “Halaran”. “Sinadya sa Halaran” is a commemoration of the feast of the patroness of Roxas City which is the Immaculate Concepcion and a thanksgiving. It literally means “Joy in Sharing and Thanksgiving” . Rituals and festivities of every municipalities where captivated in this occasion. Fireworks, grand parade, fluvial processions, fair and food festival, street dancing, and exhibits are some of the things to see of this event.

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