The Ang Panublion Museum in Roxas

Ang Panublion Museum Hughes Street Roxas City Capiz Location Water Tank Building Exhibit Construction Collection Display Collection History Culture Artifacts Hours Bidjo Memorabilia Entrance Fee The Ang Panublion Museum is located in Roxas City in Capiz Province. Also known as the Roxas City Museum, Ang Panublion was originally built as a water tank in 1910. The Panublion Museum now refills the water tank with Capiz history, culture and arts. It houses exhibitions, conducts Think Tank Talks, Creativity Labs, and Bidjo sa Sabado. The Panublion’s program is guided by the UCFI-ONE Capiz work plan for tourism, education, culture and arts. Its objective is to establish Capiz as an Eco-Cultural Tourism Hub in Central Visayas. As Such, the museum will not only serve a repository of cultural/historical memorabilia and artefacts, but will serve as the venue where Capizeños bring their artestry into the light where it can blossom and shed its radiance. The Ang Panublion Museum is located on Hughes Street Continue reading

The Culajao Mangrove Eco-Park in Roxas

Culajao Mangrove Eco Park Culajao Roxas City Capiz Reserve Size Marine Life Wildlife Biodiversity Nipa Huts Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Tour Bamboo Raft Banca Species Water Location Description The Culajao Mangrove Eco Park is located in Culajao, Roxas City in Capiz Province. This sanctuary has the distinction of being the only community protected and the only mangrove reserve within the city.  This place stretches over 4.69 hectares and is home to diversity of marine life.  Marvel at the wonder of marine biodiversity in several nipa huts interconnected by more than 100 meters long pedestrian suspension bridge or join an educational tour by riding in a bamboo raft or banca to take a closer look at 19 species of mangroves that serve as habitat for a wide variety of fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, and shells while listening to a live composo about mangroves and Barangay Culajao.  Look out also for exotic birds and insects. This reserve is under the purview of Roxas City Government in partnership with PEW Fellows in Marine Conservation and Continue reading

The Agtalin Shrine in Pilar

Agtalin Shrine Dulangan Pilar Capiz Statue Blessed Virgin Mary Mountain Location Mass Schedule Time Visit Pilgrimmage Site Saturday History Construction Description Church Religion Idol Size Feet The Agtalin Shrine is located in Dulangan, Pilar in Capiz Province. Considered as one of the tallest religious icons in the country, the Agtalin Shrine is an 80 foot statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary atop a mountain.  Thousands of devotees attend mass here every first Saturday of the month. The International Marian Research Institute listed the Agtalin Shrine as a premier pilgrimage site. It is believed that some faithful with incurable diseases were healed by praying at the shrine. They have a mass in first Saturday of the month. Even though it is so tired before you look the whole body of Mama Mary but still other people they tried their best, yet because they have a good miracle for their dream, blessings and Continue reading

Tucad Reef in Pilar Capiz

Tucad Reef Pilar Capiz Submarine Islet Beach Sand Seashell Coral Shoreline Size Kilometers Low Tide Pumpboat Tour Guide Swimming Shells Location History Snorkeling Masbate Mountain Resort Boat Info Tucad Reef is a four hectare submarine islet of different colored seashells and corals with thin layers of sand in Pilar, Capiz. The reef spans 10 kilometers along the Pilar shoreline and is only accessible on foot during low tide or by pumpboat. When the tide is low the whole island emerges and with it, shells and corals of different colors – green, red, blue, pink, clear water. From this marine garden, the mountains of Masbate can be seen. Continue reading

Suhot Cave in Dumalag

Suhot Cave Dumalag Capiz Water Cavern Arched Entrance Pool Rock Spring Mount Pangiraon Location Provincial Road Albar Terminal Sigma Hiking Trail History Tour Guide Width Depth Sulfur Description Suhot Cave is located in Dumalag, Capiz Province. Suhot cave is famous for its cave and crystal clear, cold water and beautiful surroundings. At the cave’s arched entrance is a pool of clear, ice-cold water fed by a rock spring from within the cave. Further on, however, is a crack in the rocks where sulfurous water comes out. Its water is rich in sulfur that urinates from Mount Pangira-on water drips by drop. Suhot Cave is located 300 meters away from the provincial road, and it has a series of interconnected caverns of different sizes. Suhot Cave is located 60 minutes from Albar Terminal, 30 minutes from Sigma Capiz, and ten minutes away from the munipicality of Dumalag. Continue reading

Balintawakan Festival in Pontevedra

Balintawakan Festival Pontevedra Capiz Balintawak Filipina Dress Attire Community Senior Citizens Event Miss Beauty Pageant Date The Balintawakan Festival is held in Pontevedra, Capiz. Balintawak, as it became widely known in the community, derived its name from the Filipina dress or costume the ladies were required to wear that historical night and has become impliedly official attire. The Balintawakan Festival is a simple gathering, participated mostly by senior citizens of Pontevedra who are sentimentally bound together to an unwritten commitment to preserve a simple tradition which began long ago and was only interrupted by WWII. Every December 31, people hold a Binayle at the town’s public market. Its highlight is the search for Miss Balintawakan as the Festival Queen. The event is capped by a Rigodon de Honor. The Filipino costume called Balintaw is the official attire of the womenfolk participating in the affair. Continue reading

Roxas City Bridge in Capiz

Roxas City Bridge Capiz Province Panay River Length Location Construction Venice Visayas Antonio Habana Jose Cortez The Roxas City Bridge is located in Capiz Province and connects the two islands that comprise Roxas City. This bridge, formerly known as the Capiz Bridge, overlooks the Panay River. The construction took place during terms of two governors, Antonio Habana and Jose Cortez Altavas, and during the administration of Capiz Town’s president, Pastor Alcazar (1908-1912). The country’s resident commissioner to the US House of Representatives that time was Manuel Luis M. Quezon, with the American-run Bureau of Public Works (the precursor of today’s DPWH) taking care of the construction of bridges and other public infrastructures across the country. The bridge is a silent witness of various changes that ushered in progress and development in the City. Like the old bridge, equally alluring is the huge stretch of Panay Continue reading

Olotayan Island in Roxas City Capiz

Olutayan Island Roxas City Capiz Beach Mini Boracay Sand Water Location Tour Package Guide Resort Surf Olotayan Island is a barangay island of Capiz Province. Olotayan Island is part of Roxas City. The name is a combination of olo (“head”) and “tyan” (stomach), as a Capiz legend tells of a cruel giant whose body the anitos (gods) struck with lightning, scattering his body parts all over the sea. Nearer to Roxas’ shore is Mantalinga Island – reportedly the giant’s “mata” (eyes) and “talinga” (ears). Natives of this place consider a “mini Boracay“, with its white sand and clear waters. Travel in this island with a boat, approximately an hour from wharfs of Banica, Roxas City, will bring a refreshing sight of placis atmosphere, serene shores, and white sand that may look like that of Boracay‘s. This island is truly blessed with its beautiful sceneries. Scattered pieces of corals are washed to the shore by shore waves, which makes the place very pleasing and things were made naturally by Continue reading

Napti Island in Capiz

Napti Island Pan-ay Capiz Agojo Beach Olutayan White Lobster Fishing Coral Reef Cave Location Roxas City Napti Island is located at the Sibuyan Sea and at the barangay of Agojo in Panay in Capiz Province. Known for its azure waters teeming with lobsters and fish, Napti measures about four hectares in area and is located near Olotayan Island. Napti is an inhabited island has white colored beach that is actually due to accumulated skeletal coral remains.  Plenty of live coral reefs are abundant near its shore.  Fishing enthusiasts and gourmets alike have wonderful time here for the plentiful fish and lobsters.  Napti Island is also free of troublesome jellyfish the whole year round. There is also a small cave, about 100 meters long and winds several feet below the surface across the island commands a breathtaking view of Roxas City and Panay. Boat trip to Olotayan and Napti Continue reading

Buntod Beach in Pan-ay Capiz

Buntod Beach Pan-ay Capiz Island Panay Black Sand Location Napti Pilar Mountain Surf Snorkeling Scuba DivingBuntod Beach is located in Pan-ay, Capiz Province. On a bright summer’s day, Buntod Beach with its fine black sand is a welcome sight. It is about a kilometer long and is located far from the inhabited section of Pan-ay. The beauty of the beach is a sort of an untouched one because it was considered as one of the cleanest beaches in Capiz. It is protected on one side by Napti Island and on the other side by the mountains of Pilar.  Buntod Beach is located approximately ten minutes by jeepneys, cars and tricycles from the town; accessible by speedboats or pumpboats from any point in Capiz. Continue reading