Roxas City Bridge in Capiz

Roxas City Bridge Capiz Province Panay River Length Location Construction Venice Visayas Antonio Habana Jose Cortez The Roxas City Bridge is located in Capiz Province and connects the two islands that comprise Roxas City. This bridge, formerly known as the Capiz Bridge, overlooks the Panay River. The construction took place during terms of two governors, Antonio Habana and Jose Cortez Altavas, and during the administration of Capiz Town’s president, Pastor Alcazar (1908-1912). The country’s resident commissioner to the US House of Representatives that time was Manuel Luis M. Quezon, with the American-run Bureau of Public Works (the precursor of today’s DPWH) taking care of the construction of bridges and other public infrastructures across the country. The bridge is a silent witness of various changes that ushered in progress and development in the City. Like the old bridge, equally alluring is the huge stretch of Panay Continue reading