The Catholic Church of Camiling

Catholic Church Camiling Tarlac Saint Michael Archangel Parish Building Location General Pedro Pedroche Francisco Makabulos Earthquake Restoration Location Size Architecture Fire Museum History Info The Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church is located in Camiling in Tarlac Province. Also known simply as the Catholic Church of Camiling, this building was built during the Spanish period in the 1700’s; The centuries-old Roman Catholic Church and Convent have been declared historical site by National Historical Commission in 1994. The Church was the death place of General Pedro Pedroche and his men in the hands of Francisco Makabulos and high revolutionary troops on orders of General Luna on charges of rebellion. It was destroyed and rebuilt in 1880s after a surge of major earthquake. Having served as concrete testimonies to the unfolding of historical drama during the Spanish Revolution before being burned on 1997 that have affected even its constituent Camiling Catholic School. Now their ruins stand and being restored painfully Continue reading

The Maria Clara Town Plaza in Camiling

Maria Clara Town Plaza Camiling Tarlac Sports Field Park Playground Location Auditorium Grassy Field Meeting Public Market Size Construction History Acacia Trees Venue Meetup Pavilion History Layout The Maria Clara Town Plaza is located in Camiling in Tarlac Province. The Maria Clara Town Plaza complex features a sports field, a park, a playground, an auditorium and a wide grassy field. It currently hosts one of the two temporary Camiling Public Markets as it is under construction for the moment. Maria Clara Town Plaza is the second widest park plaza in the province which composed of four hectares of lands suitable for some activities celebrated by the municipality and some schools of Camiling. One of the magnificent wonders of this place are the Acacia trees. The age now are 412 years old(2009) that until now it is strong and standing enormously in the park plaza. People said that these trees were really a rich treasures of the place of Camiling. These shows that the Camilenous had preserve and make their culture and tradition rich. These trees are Continue reading

Maria Clara Museum in Tarlac

Maria Clara Museum Camiling Tarlac Leonor Rivera Residence House Novel Noli Tangere Filibusterismo Jose Rizal Display Collection Jewelry Map Photographs Furniture Hours Visit Location History Info The Maria Clara Museum is located in Camiling, Tarlac and was once the residence of Leonor Rivera. The building now stands as an edifice of countless memories.  Immortalized through Maria Clara in the novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, by Jose P. Rizal, many visit to this mini-museum to feel what love binds the National Hero to Leonor. Preserved inside are priceless pieces like jewelry and musical boxes, photographs, and ornate pieces like furniture. The museum is privately managed and can be visited on request. The artifacts on display at the museum are some of Leonor Rivera’s porcelain. Continue reading