Ardent Hot Springs in Mambajao

Ardent Hot Spring Mambajao Camiguin thermal sulfur water swimming miner pool temperature vapor heated vent mount hibok volcano bathing mountain therapy picnic huts tables garden agoho yumbing fee Ardent Hot Springs is located in Mambajao, Camiguin Province. In the heart of the island bubbles this mineral pool with water around 40 degrees (104 degrees fahrenheit). Vapor rises from the heated waters that run down the vents of the dormant Hibok-Hibok volcano. The springs are ideal to bathe in at night surrounded by cool mountain air. It has therapeutic effects. Picnic huts and tables are available in the beautifully landscaped gardens and there is a restaurant on site. The Ardent Hot Springs is located six kilometers southwest of Mambajao and minutes away from the tourist beaches of Agoho and Yumbing. Continue reading

Binangawan Falls on Camiguin Island

Binangawan Falls Sagay Camiguin Island Waterfalls Visayan Bangaw Rainbow Height Water Location Depth River Swimming Granite Stones Pool Hiking Trail History Description Tour Guide Basin Width Info The Binangawan Falls is located in Sagay on Camiguin Island. Binangawan Falls got its name from the Bisayan word for rainbows “bangaw.” Binangawan literally translates to “rainbowed”; thus making it a “Rainbowed Falls.” And this not far from the truth. Binangawan is so named because of the rainbow that forms when the sunlight hits the gushing ice-cold water. The falls feature several miniature and gigantic waterfalls gushing through majestic granite stones that converge in one main pool, covered with luscious unspoiled vegetation, and a mystical rainbow is arched by the fall’s mist as the sunlight penetrates through it. Continue reading

The Kamiguin Culture

Camiguin BoatThe oldest town of the island of Camiguin—Guinsiliban—just off the northern coast of Mindanao, was originally inhabited by the Kamiguin speakers of a language (Quinamiguin, Camiguinon) that is derived from Manobo with a mixture of Boholano. Sagay is the only other municipality where this is spoken. The total population is 531 (NSO 1990). Boholano predominates in the rest of the island. The culture of the Kamiguin has been subsumed within the context of Boholano or Visayan culture. The people were Christianized as early as 1596. The major agricultural products are abaca, cacao, coffee, banana, rice, corn, and coconut. The production of hemp is the major industry of the people since abaca thrives very well Continue reading

M/V Eagle Ferry

MV Eagle Ferry CalayanThe Municipality of Calayan is pleased to announce that the MV Eagle Ferry – Calayanis back at the docking station of Port San Vicente, Sta. Ana, Cagayan. The MV Eagle Ferry – Calayan provides safe and comfortable transport to the only Island Municipality of the Province of Cagayan which of boast of pristine beauty, rugged nature and unspoiled environs Travelers riding the MV Eagle Ferry are treated to a spectacle of dolphins swimming alongside the boat and sometimes a humpback whale with its calf during the summer season. The MV Eagle Ferry Continue reading

Babuyan Islands

Mount BabuyanThe Babuyan Islands are part of Cagayan Province, just North of Luzon Island. The Babuyan Islands lie in the Luzon Strait, south of the Batan Islands and Balintang Channel. They lie 20 miles (32 km) north of Luzon across the Babuyan Channel. With a total area of 230 square miles (600 square km), they comprise 24 volcanic-coralline islands, the chief of which are Babuyan, Camiguin, Calayan, Fuga, and Dalupiri. Four of the main islands form the municipality of Cagayan while Fuga is part of Aparri. Continue reading

Camiguin Highland Resort in Mambajao

Camiguin Highland Resort MambajaoCamiguin Highland Resort boasts of a three-story building, exuding class and luxury. The building is of solid structure, Mediterranean in design. Guest can have a choice of either a room with a sea view or with a mountain view . All are air-conditioned rooms, with private baths and toilet, television set with cable connection, refrigerator, intercom and closet. Continue reading

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island PhilippinesCamiguin is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about ten kilometers off the northern coast of Misamis Oriental in Mindanao. It is the second-smallest province both in population and land area next only to Batanes. The capital of the province is Mambajao and it is a part of the Northern Mindanao region. Continue reading

Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin

Paras Beach ResortNestled in the arms of a tropical utopia, unwind in a peaceful paradise where water meets land and life meets expectations. Surround yourself with nature’s bountiful gifts as you pursue a gratifying intermission from everyday life. Relax, recreate, and rejuvenate in Camiguin Island’s Paras Beach Resort. Continue reading

Camiguin Action Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort

Camiguin Action Geckos BeachCamiguin Action Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort sits on 3000 square meters of sandy beach and is integrating flawlessly in the surrounding nature. It has five individual cottages, two bungalows in a duplex building and four traveller rooms of rustic and native design,made of local materials and woods, but still including great comfort. Continue reading

Bahay-Bakasyunan sa Camiguin Resort in Mambajao

Bahay Bakasyunan Camiguin ResortBahay-Bakasyunan sa Camiguin is a tropical resort nestled in one of the Philippines’ most captivating islands. Camiguin‘s natural heart is revealed in the unique setting of the resort, which highlights its quaintness and unparalleled beauty.

A place where you can go for quietude and privacy, enjoying the unique landscapes and breathtaking seascapes, soaking in the sand, sea and sun, Bahay-Bakasyunan is for those who want to revitalize their bodies and nurture their souls. This isolated island haven is perfect for getting away from it all. Continue reading