The Calumpit Bridge in Bulacan

Calumpit Bridge Bulacan Macarthur Highway River Pampanga Province Size Length Elevation Width History War Engineering Battalion Army Japanese Bataan Construction Repair Height Fishing Road Vehicle The Calumpit Bridge is located along the MacArthur Highway in Calumpit, in Bulacan Province. The Calumpit Bridge crosses the Calumpit River and links Bulacan to Pampanga and other northern provinces in central and northern Luzon. During World War II, the bridge was demolished by the Engineering Battalion of the United States to impede the movement of Japanese forces on their way to Bataan.  The Calumpit Bridge was also the site of the first battle between Filipino and American soldiers during the retreat of Aguinaldo to the Ilocos Region. Continue reading

Longganisang Calumpit

Longganisang CalumpitThe city of Calumpit in Bulacan is known for its sausage called the Longganisang Calumpit. Longganisang Calumpit is a mixture of ground pork, garlic, soy sauce, salt and a special seasoning without preservatives. Longganisang Calumpit is wrapped in intestines. Once cooked the wrapper is crispy, making it a further cuisine delight. Other ingredients include black peppercorns from Batangas and garlic from Ilocos. Longganisang Calumpit can be custom made depending on how much garlic and pepper you want. Longganisang Calumpit is meaty to the bite. It is best cooked first by boiling before frying until crisp. Enjoy it with tomatoes, fried or boiled eggplant and ampalaya. Bulakeños claim it as the “Tastiest Longganisa” in the Philippines.

Calumpit River in Bulacan

Calumpit RiverThe Calumpit River is an integral part of the Angat River which has shaped the lives of Bulakenos. Being the longest River System in Bulacan, Angat River traverses the towns of Plaridel, Pulilan, Calumpit, Paombong and Hagonoy. It has always been the principal route for trade and commerce even before the coming of the Spanish conquistadores. During the old times, the Angat River and the Pampanga River served as the arteries through which the goods coming to and from Manila are bartered making the Calumpit River akin to the present day’s Divisoria Market. Today, this river serves as habitat for a variety of fish species , has become a major fishing grounds for local fishermen and owing to its clear flowing waters, has become a major source of irrigation water for inland farmers. Continue reading